The History of Catering | Catering & Definition of Caterer

Today, we shall be educating you on the history of catering and all the necessary information that you need to know. Catering is derived from the word “Cater” which means to serve. meanwhile, it is the service or serving of food & beverage to the customers or clients.

By the 1820’s catering actually started in the kitchen when our mothers or women started making food in the various homes, and parties. However, it was not sustainable due to the limited space in the kitchen. They would bring their food to parties/events from their homes and help serve the food.

However, as the business started to grow they have to practices and embrace new styles of cooking. Today when you seek out a legitimate company to provide food for your event, they will usually provide a lot more services than just the food.

However, when we mention catering the things that come to our minds are foods and beverages served in any social event.

Basically modern catering industry was developed from inns & cafeteria. The earlier catering was establishment from the traditional style of cooking.

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The history of catering businesses began to increase around 1900, centering in Africa. It became a respectable and profitable business. Robert Bogle is known as the father of catering services.

Classification of Catering | The History of Catering

1. Commercial Catering

2. Transport Catering

3. Welfare Catering

Commercial catering involves to satisfy the customers and to gain profit after the service.

Transport catering refers to catering done in the various modes of transport
systems like railways, sea, road, and air, etc.

This type refers to catering without the motive of any profit.
It is generally done out of need or obligation, or at of charity.

Furthermore, great food can help make an event more memorable.


  • They are Professionals
  • They are reliable
  • Make planning easier and simpler
  • It save time and money
  • They always have the best idea for every occasion
  • They are aware of all the health rules
  • Save you from stress

What is a Caterer?

A caterer is a person who arranges, organizes, prepares, and delivers, food or beverages for clients on the following occasion, wedding receptions, birthday parties, business and anniversaries, business holiday events, retirement parties, and many more.

I can also say that catering is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world because of its importance all over the world.

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What are the Forms of caterers

  • Hotel / Restaurant Caterers
  • Private Caterers

Hotel / Restaurant Caterers – Their responsibilities include menu preparation, banquet arrangement, table set-up, delivery of decorations, as well as arranging for extra service personnel as needed.

Private Caterers – They own their own businesses, these caterers are often hired for wedding receptions, birthday parties, business and anniversaries, business holiday events, retirement parties, and many more.


Actually, they don’t have a specific place of work, they perform the duties, or responsibilities in an open environment or inside, which is also known as indoor or and outdoor activity.

What are the function of catering?

They functions refer to the services rendered by a caterer or specific group of people to provide food, drinks, and beverages at an assigned or specific time.

They function also vary depending on the type of function and the number of people expected at that particle time.

Therefore, this is some of the duties and responsibilities of a caterer.

Caterer Duties And Responsibility – The History of Catering

1. He or she is in charge of deciding on discounts and additional services.

2.  He or she helps to ensure consistency and completeness in carrying out the task

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3. He or she supervises the function in terms of setting arrangement buffet arrangement and there is PR as well.

4. He or she is also responsible to go through the checklist before letting out the guest know the functions.

5. He or she should also be with the list of detail containing those special occasions.

6. He or she is also responsible, to co-ordinate with the House-keeper, Maintenance, Accounts, Front Office, and Kitchen.

7. He along with the chef is responsible for checking the quality of the food and make a change in the menu.

Meanwhile, if you need a professional catering service, our qualified professionals will be more than happy to assist you at any point in time to help your event be a fantastic and successful one.

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