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National Identity Card Registration – Every year, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) always give an opportunity to people to apply for NIC. If you are interested in National ID registration, this page is for you. As we all know to apply for National Identity Card is very easy and fast to apply online, with simple steps.

Identity Card is any document which is used to prove a person’s identity. The Identity Card is used to give information about a person. So many of us have been searching for how to apply for ID registration. The fact is that the NIMC take so long in producing National Id cards.

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Meanwhile, as we all know that the National Identity Management Commission [NIMC] was established by the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007. Before we will guide you on how to go about National Identity Card Registration, we will first outline all the requirements you need to use for the registration. After that, we will show you all the steps to apply for ID card registration.

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Requirements Of National Identity Card Registration

Some of us are thinking about the kind of documents that will be required for the registration. On this stage, we are going to outline all the requirements needed to apply online.

1.  Government staff ID card (If you have any).

2. Valid International passport.

3. Birth certificate.

4. Declaration of age.

5. School ID Card private/Public.

7. Nigerian International passport.

8. Old National ID card (If available).

Once you have those documents above you are ready to apply for National Identity Card online. NOTE all the registration are done online and it is for free.

Now that you have seen all the requirements needed to apply online, the next stage is to guide you on how to apply for National ID at any centers nation wild.

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 How To Apply For National Identity Card Registration

To apply all you have to do is follow this guideline right below.

1.  Visit the official website of the (NIMC) at

NOTE: If you don’t download the form you can not be able to apply, so you can use this link to download the Enrolment Form CLICK HERE.

2. You will be required to create an account. Which means you will be required to create an email address. If you don`t have an email – you can create it with Gmail. By using this link===⇒ CLICK HERE.

National Identity Card Registration

3. Your headshot photograph, fingerprints, and signature would then be captured.

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4. Submit your supporting documents for scanning.

5. After that, the National Identification Number will be generated and given to you.

What next after applying? You wait for as long as it takes for your permanent National ID to be ready for collection.  With those steps, you will apply for your permanent National ID free.


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