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Nigeria’s 2023 Elections – The 2023 election is scheduled to hold on the 16th of February for Presidential and National Assembly and the 2nd of March, for Governorship and state assembly. A lot of people will be voting for the first time, hence, the need to be educated on the voting process. This article will teach you what you need to know about voting in the 2023 election.

Before we continue, let us take a moment to advise you on the need to maintain a peaceful election. Voters are advised to obey every rule-abiding the election for the smooth running of the voting process and to avoid being picked up by security operatives.  Also, voters are advised to be at their wards on time to enable you to cast your vote.

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Nigeria’s 2023 Elections will commence from 8:00 am and will end by 2:00 pm, for each of the elections, so endeavor to be at your ward before 2:00 pm. Failure to be at the venue before 2:00 pm, you will not be accredited and hence, will not vote. Also, know that you cannot vote without your permanent voters’ card, so make sure you take it along with you. If you have not gotten yours, make sure that you get it before the election.

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The election officials should be at the venue before 8:00 am as the voting process will commence from 8:00 am. An election official will address you on the process. Nigeria’s 2023 Elections will be faster and easier as you will vote immediately you have been verified and accredited, not waiting till everyone is verified and accredited before voting.

Nigeria’s 2023 Elections: Things You Should Know

The following is the expected voting process for the 2023 elections.

1. When you get to the venue, you will be advised to queue up.

2. An election official will check your Personal Voters’ Card to make sure that you are in the right polling unit.

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3. Next, you will be directed to another official for verification. At this stage, the official will require your personal voters’ card and your biometrics to ascertain that your data match. When this has been established, you will be directed to another official.

4. The net official will do the accreditation.

Nigeria's 2023 Elections
Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

5. After accreditation, you will be directed to another official who will issue you a ballot paper. Gently place your thumb on an ink pad that will be shown to you and place it in the area provide for your candidate to leave a print appropriately.

Gently fold the ballot paper vertically and place it in the ballot box and walk out from the exit as would be directed by security personnel.

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Be advised that you must not go to the voting spot on your mobile phone. It is highly prohibited. Also, avoid anything that will lead to violence.

The above stated is the expected voting process in this election. We will keep you updated if there is any change. If you have any questions regarding this post, please kindly use the comment section.

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