Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021 | List Of Richest Great Men In Zimbabwe

Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021 – Zimbabwe is blessed with so many things and we are doing great in teams of human development that is the reason we have so many rich men that have made money and also making us proud. Today we will be looking at the Richest Man In Zimbabwe 2021 and how there started.

You may not know then now, but after we have outlined the names you will know then. They live among us there are our brothers, uncle, in-law, etc. We all know how life is, to make money is not an easy task. So it must be up and down before they reached where there are today. As we all know so many young men are coming up to take over from the old cabals.

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On this page, we are going to give you whatever you are searching for. So many people out there have been requesting for us to update them on who is the Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021. That is more reason we decided to create this page to answer your question. Without wasting so much of your time let’s start.

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We are happy to have them because there are Great Men In our country. Without these storage men in our homeland, our economy may not be good as it now.

Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021 – List Of Richest Great Men In Zimbabwe

Below are the great men that are making us proud, Africa and the world at large. We will be starting from the top to down.

1. Strive Masiyiwa – His Net worth is the US $3.6 billion

Strive Masiyiwa

A great man, his name is Strive Masiyiwa is a Zimbabwean businessman, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He was born on 29 January 1961. You can not take it away from he has employed so many young people in our country.

Strive has given scholarships to over 100,000 young Africans over the past 20 years through his family foundation. He is one of the richest Men In Zimbabwe that we do not play with.

As we all know he has won numerous accolades and gained international recognition for his business expertise and philanthropy. Masiyiwa is on number one top Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021.

2. John Bredenkamp – His Net worth is $ 700 Million

John Bredenkamp

His full name is John Arnold Bredenkamp, this great man was born on 11 August 1940. While he was still a child he moved with his family to Southern Rhodesia, South Africa.

John is a Zimbabwean businessman and former rugby player. Bredenkamp is reported to hold Zimbabwean, South African, and Dutch passports.

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A founder of the Casalee Group. He has helped so many young youths in our country. As we all know Arnold is one of the richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021. He is on number two on our list.

Dr. James Makamba – His Net worth is $ 6.9 Million

Dr. James Makamba

Dr. James Makamba was Born on 1 January 1952 is a Zimbabwean commercial broadcaster, businessman, politician, and philanthropist. His man is on top of his game making his money in different ways.

Makamba currently has interests in the retail, telecommunications, mining, agricultural, property, and professional consultancy sectors, digital publishing, and philanthropy.

He loves doing what he loves. Dr. Holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from California Coast University. James has done so much to our people both at home and abroad.

For your information, he was awarded a controversial honorary doctorate in Business Leadership from St Linus University, Dominica. He is on number three on the list of Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021.

4. Billy Rautenbach – His Net worth is $ 4.2 Million

Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2019

A man with a large heart likes to help those that are in need. His name is Billy Rautenbach, also known as Muller Conrad Rautenbach. Muller was born on 23 September 1959.

Rautenbach builds his family business all over the nation. With the assistance of his father’s trucking business, contacts in transporting minerals, and using innovative mining techniques, he successfully mined state-owned companies and attracted the attention of the government.

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In June 2018, Rautenbach, owner of Zimbabwe Bio-Energy (ZBE), became embroiled in a legal battle with joint venture stakeholders. He is very good at whatever he put his money into.  Every young businessman is dreaming to be like Billy. Conrad on number four on top Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2020.

Philip Chiyangwa – His Net worth is $ 2.6 Million | Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021

Richest Men In Zimbabwe 2019

Phillip Chiyangwa was born on the 3rd of February 1959 in Chegutu, to Divaris Makaharis and Marita Mandivenga. He was born in a family of 14.

An entrepreneur, Mr. Phillip Chiyangwa lays claims to be the founder and owner of several businesses including a company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.

Phillip attended Chegutu Primary school and completed his higher education at St. Francis Secondary school. Also, he obtained various professional qualifications from various institutions in Zimbabwe and worldwide.

This great man has won numerous awards. He owns six shopping malls, each with five-star hotels and so many other things that we do not outline on this page. Phillip is number five on our list of the top richest Men In Zimbabwe 2021.

That is the List Of Richest Great Men In Zimbabwe 2021. Tell us what you think about the list, use our comments box right below. You can as well share our page link by using our social media buttons down the page.

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