NAFDAC Recruitment 2021 Application Form

NAFDAC Recruitment 2021 Application form: NAFDAC is a Nigerian federal agency under the Federal Ministry of Health with responsibilities of regulating and controlling the manufacture, importation, exportation, advertisement, distribution, sale, and use of food, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, chemicals, and packaged water.

Hence, NAFDAC was established by Decree 15 of 1993 as amended by Decree 19 of 1999 and now the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control Act Cap N1 Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004.

NAFDAC is headed by a chairman who presides over a governing council appointed by the president on the recommendation of the Minister of Health.”Other council members of NAFDAC are listed thus:

1. National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD)

2. The chairman of the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN)

3. Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON)

4. The permanent secretary of the Ministry of Health

5. The director-general of NAFDAC

6. Also, a representative of each of the Pharmaceutical Group and the Food and Beverages Group of the Manufacturers’ Association of Nigeria.

7. The chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

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8. Hence, three people from the general public are also represented on the NAFDAC council.

Functions of NAFDAC

At this point, we are going to look at the outline some of the functions of NAFDAC

1. NAFDAC aids in eliminating unhealthy food products in Nigeria, counterfeit medications, under-standard bottled milk, bogus and defective medical devices, and imitated chemicals.

2. Also, the Agency guarantees the recovery or removal of these falsified goods as well as the conviction of the culprits.

3. In other words, the Agency is active in the sealing of alleged and discovered to be falsified production sites, retail shops or warehouses for meat, medicines, medical devices, bottled liquid, and chemicals.

4.Hence, NAFDAC collates uniform requirements, legislation, and instructions for food, medicines, medical devices, bottled water and chemicals development, importation, manufacture, sale, and distribution.

Units That Makeup NAFDAC As a Body

The units that makes up the NAFDAC body are listed thus;

1. The public Relation unit: Is headed by the director-generals office. The main function of this office is to sensitize, inform, enlighten and create awareness concerning the role of the Agency.

Hence, the Agency is divide into eight (8) different directorates with the last two newly added.

2. The legal unit: Is charged with offering legal advice on law arising from the Employee-Employer relationship and is the custodian of legal document and all agreements relating to the Agency.

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3. Also, the internal Audit provides a means of measuring the effectiveness of the system of internal control, accounting, and carries out a special investigation.

NAFDAC 2021 Recruitment Requirements

The general requirements are listed thus;

1. Prospective candidates applying for the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) recruitment must possess any of the following degrees depending on the job positions.

2. Hence, all candidates applying for these positions must not be more than 30 years of age.

3. You must be in possession of B.Sc, HND, NCE, OND in any discipline from a recognized institution

4. You need to have a WAECNECO obtained at one sitting or five (5) subjects obtained at two sittings including the English Language.

5. National Diploma (ND) obtained from a recognized institution.

6. Your willingness to push yourself beyond your comfort zone;

7. Ability to show a flair to develop all the skills you need to be the best you can be.

Departments in NAFDAC

NAFDAC is divided into 14 directorates and they are listed thus:

1. Human Resource Management

2. Finance and Accounts

3. Planning Research and Statistics

4. Registration and Regulatory Affairs

5. Laboratory Services

6. Ports Inspection

7. Enforcement

8. Food Safety and Applied Nutrition

9. Drug Evaluation and Research

10. Chemical Evaluation and Research

11. Pharmacovigilance and Post Marketing Surveillance

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12. Narcotics and Controlled Substance

13. Veterinary Medicine and Allied Products

14. Special Duties

NAFDAC Salary Structure

Meanwhile, It is important for one to note that, just like every other top government agencies, NAFDAC’s salary structure varies depending on grade level, years of service, and position occupied in the organization.

A NAFDAC on GL 8 is paid N1,247, 854 per annum. Hence, is about N103,987 per month before pension and tax deductions.

A NAFDAC Staff on GL 7 is paid N1,073,217 per annum. Hence, is about N89,434 per month before pension and tax deductions.

Apart from the basic salaries paid to NAFDAC staff, there are some allowances which they are entitled to.

However, these allowances depend on some criteria such as year of service, location, the position occupied, etc.

Furthermore, but the higher you rank the ladder of service, the higher your take home.

How To Apply For NAFDAC 2021 Recruitment

NAFDAC recruitment must be done online on their official portal.

1. Therefore, visit the NAFDAC Recruitment portal on

2. Then, Go through the requirement and upload all relevant documents.

3. Also, attach valid documentation and a recent passport photograph and submit.

Meanwhile, we want to use this medium to inform you that the NAFDAC Recruitment 20201 Application form has not been activated yet. Kindly drop your valid email with us to get updates on the NAFDAC recruitment 2021.

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