BetKing Agent Registration | Betking Requirement | agent

BetKing Agent Registration | Betking Requirement | agent

BetKing Agent Registration – Have you been dreaming of having a betting site where you will make money in every bet? BetKing is a new betting site in our great country Nigeria. Nigeria has many betting sites, some of them are doing very well right now.

If you want to be a partner to BetKing, have your own personal business, and so many other things. On this post, we are going to set you up to become one of the BetKing Agent. To be BetKing Agent is one of the greatest platforms to anybody will get.  You may be thinking why we are writing about BetKing agent registration.

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Before you can become Agent with BetKing, you are required to create an account by clicking on the BetKing Agent Registration button. Creating agent an account at the site will enable you to make deposits and have unlimited access to all the services offered at the site.

To create an account with BetKing, you can use your PC or the BetKing mobile. Meanwhile, the reason(s) why we are created this page is to guide our readers on how to go about BetKing agent registration. Let’s outline some of the features of BetKing agent registration.

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Features Of BetKing Agent Registration

The benefits you will get when you become one of the Betking agents are right below.

1.  To register as a Betking agent is free.

2. Your staffs will be trained before you start your Betking agent business.

3. Anybody that wants to start Betking agent can easily start with 25, 000 Narin.  This is the Lowest starting capital.

4.  Betking will be the ones that will bear the risks. Which means you will not use your money to pay the winners.

5. They will provide many them  5,000 events available for customs to bet on every week. Also, live betting events will be available.

6. Will you believe that your commissions will be paid within 24 hours.

7. Betking has the best people to help you out when you have technical issues.

Remember that we are here to guide you on how to become one of the Betking agents. But first, we will like the outline all the requirements you have to have before you can register for a betking agent.

Requirements Before You Become A Betking Agent

Things you require to become one of the betking agents are as follows.

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1.  You need a shop in a busy area, where people can easily locate any time of the day. When your shop is in a busy place, you will have more customs, you will benefit more.

2. When you start searching for the shop bear it in mind that is a place that can contain the minimum of 5 cashiers and will still have space.

3. You have to get a minimum of 3 laptops before you can start betking agent.

4.  Stable internet: Whenever you are thinking of joining you must have a stable internet connection to be a successful agent of BetKing.

5. Minimum of 2 Thermal printers: To be able to print out bet slips for your clients, it is best you have at least 2 thermal printers in order to save time.

6. Power supply Constant: You should have constant power supply in that place you are running your business. Stand nearby power supply like a generator.

7. Make user that there will no other betking shop within 10 minutes of walking distance from your own.

If you want to know more about  BetKing Agent requirements you can also call us on 01-2777247 or send an email to

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Steps To BetKing Agent Registration | Agent

Once you have those things we outline above, start your registration to be one of the BetKing Agent. All we need from you is to follow the guidelines below.

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Visit BetKing Agent website @ and start your registration.

BetKing Agent Registration | Betking Requirement | agent

Provide all your personal data needed. After you met have provides things needed Click to submit button below on the page.

You can still Use your application ID in the search tab to find your application status.

Steps To check If It Has Been Approved Or Not

When you are done with the BetKing agent registration, you can still follow up your application stands. To check if it has been approved or not.

First, visit

Search for “Query Application” once you find it click on it to open to another page.

Once is open you will see a box enter your reference number and look for “Check status” and click on the button or tab.

Once you follow all our steps, to be honest with you, within a matter of time you will become one of the BetKing agents in Nigeria.

………………Good Luck As You Register……………… !!!

To make money, and work with a team of other Kingmakers.

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