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Are you in search of Human Rights And The Rule Of Law for United Nations? If your answer is yes that means you are on the right page, this page will give you all the loads down of what you are looking for. First of all, we are going to start with the definition of a human right. All we need from you is to read this page to the end, so as to get all of the loads down.

You have to understand that there is those right which people are officially allowed to enjoy. People are entitled to those rights irrespective of their religion, social status or gender. That is the definition of human right. Now, that you have seen the definition, we are going to outline all of the rights that you as a citizen have the right to enjoy. Without wasting some much of your time.

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Meanwhile, the question is what are those right that you have to enjoy as a human being? As you all know life is very important as a human. Life is not what we or others should play with. Our team created this page for those millions of people out there that do not know their right as a human being. Our aim is to let people know their rights as a being. As we said before life is too good.

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LET’S Start…

Human Right

1. The right to life: Everyone has a right to live. No one should deprive another person of his or her right to life (by killing).

2. The right to dignity: Everyone is entitled to respect. It is, therefore, wrong to subject anyone to torture or any form of inhuman treatment. Besides, no one should be enslaved.

3. Right to personal liberty: People are free to live. However, anyone who is found guilty of an offense can be kept in boarding houses and those who are insane can be kept in mental hospitals in order to treat them.

4. Fair hearing: Anybody who has been charged to court has the right to defend himself there. He has the right to choose his lawyers too.

5. Private family life:


Human Rights

Everybody has the right to enjoy private family life. People can receive visitors, make and receive telephone calls, watch television and listen to the radio in their homes.

6. Right to freedom of thought, conscience, and religion: People are free to practice the religion they choose. They are free to worship with a member or devotees of their chosen religion. (No one is allowed to be members of a secret society.)

7. Freedom of expression and the press: We have the right to hold our own view on various matters. We are free to express these views too. Also, listen to other people. Those who are able to get a license from the government can even operate their own media houses.

8. Peaceful assembly: People have the right to associate with other people. People can hold meetings (e.g) Political meetings, ethnic meetings, and club meetings as long as such meetings are peaceful.

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9. Freedom of movement: Citizens are free to travel within the country and live wherever they choose to.

10. Discrimination: It is illegal to discriminate against anyone or treat them unfairly; (irrespective of their gender, ethnic group, political opinion or religion.)

11. Right to vote and to be voted for: We have the right to vote for the political party and the candidates of our choice. Those who want others to vote for them, also have the right to contest in elections, if they are qualified.

Steps For The Protection

The human rights of the citizens and even non-citizens must be protected because there are deliberate; and accidental instances of human rights violations in all human societies. Here are some ways in which people’s rights can be protected.

1. People should be educated: They should know what their rights are, so they can enjoy such privileges.

2. Agencies of government, such as the law enforcement agencies should be educated; they should know what the people’s rights are and learn to protect the people and the rights. This is important because sometimes, ignorant law enforcement agents abuse people’s rights.

3. People whose rights have been violated should go to court.

4. Workers whose rights are being abused by their employers could go on strike to register their protest.

5. Victims of human rights abuse can go to the media to state their case openly in order to call the oppressor to order.

6. Citizens should ensure that democracy remains the nation’s system of government so that people can enjoy their fundamental right.

7. Those whose right is being violated should go to an organization known as the public complaints commission and report such cases of violation. The officials of the commission will then carry out investigations and restore the victim’s rights if they have actually been violated.

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What You Need To Know About Human Rights And The Rule Of Law

The rule of law is another very important element in a nation for guaranteeing human rights. The rule of law means that the of the land is above everybody. Everybody is subject to the law, irrespective of their financial or social status. The law is supreme, and we must all obey it.

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Benefits of The Rule Of Law

The nation stands to benefits a lot when the rule of law is recognized, respected and observed. Those to benefit include the citizens as individuals and groups, organs of government, private associations, companies and the nation as a whole. Here are some of the benefits of recognizing the rule of law.

There will law and order in the nation.

Life and property will be protected.

People will enjoy their right.

The citizens will be encouraged to perform their duties to the nation.

People will respect and trust their leaders because they are sure of being well-government and treated fairly.

The people will love their country and will be proud to be citizens of the country.

And so many more. This is where we are going to end it. Make use of our comments box if you have any comments or contributions regarding this type. You can as well use those buttons to tell your friends about it.

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