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How Do I Register As a Voter – Millions of young and old South Africa citizen home and abroad have been asking so many questions regarding where, how to APPLY as a voter and so many other things. Do not worry about it this page will answer your questions one after another.

Electoral Commission has made everything available to make it easy, simple and fast to everyone that wants to come and register as a Voter. The Electoral Commission said, ” we will make sure everyone registered as soon as possible”. The question everybody keeps on asking is how do I register as a Voter?

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We made our time and energy to create this page for millions and thousands of young youths out there, as we all know our Voter is our power. Is also our power to vote for the right person and it also our right to vote out the bad person at the office. To vote in South Africa’s elections, you must register as a voter.

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Before showing you how to Register we will first outline the requirements and eligibility before applying. Let’s Start…

Requirements And Eligibility Before You Apply

Everyone is not made to apply, you must have all the requirements and also you will be eligible to register.  Below are the followings.

1. You must be a South African citizen by birth.

2. Form 16 years old can register but only vote from age of 18 years.

3. Must have valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC) or have a green, bar-coded ID book; smartcard ID.

Documents to use while applying or registration

Green, bar-coded ID book;
Smartcard ID; or
Valid Temporary Identity Certificate (TIC).

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How Do I Register As a Voter

We are going to make it fast for every each of us. To apply for your card all you have to do is follow up the guidelines right below. You are advised to read this page very carefully so as not to make mistake while applying.

The guidelines are right below.

Apply for registration at the voting station for your voting district on the final registration weekend for the National and Provincial Elections set for January.

Voting stations will be open 8am-5pm both on the Saturday and Sunday.

Make an appointment to apply for registration during office hours at the local IEC office responsible for your voting district. Please always phone first to make an appointment.

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To check your registration details

  • send an SMS with your ID number to 32810  (R1.00 per SMS);
  • download our mobile app and enter your ID number;
  • check your registration details online;
  • check at your voting station during the final registration weekend on January;
  • or check at your local IEC office during office hours.

Please note: It can take up to 7 working days for your registration application to be processed.

That is it…

If you have any questions and contribution make us of our comments section right below. Do not forget to make use of our social media buttons to share with your friends so that there will know about it. Thank’s as you share our page link.

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