MTN Hitmaker Registration 2022 | How To Apply Hitmaker Form Online

MTN Hitmaker Registration 2022 – The MTN Hitmaker is a created aptitude hunt reality show opened to very Ghanaians who believe they are bound to be Hitmakers. For those that are searching for how to register this page is officially created for you.

We (Hitsbase.com) are very happy to inform the general public that the MTN Hitmaker Registration will soon start.  And we like to tell all the interested candidates that opportunity to become number winner is here again.

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However, Hitmaker’s show started in 2012, Hitmaker is offering the stage for talented and able singers and rappers to improve upon their skills and display their talents to the world.

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In this article on we are going to guide you on how to register and how to login to your Hitmaker account; without running to your family member or computer centers for assistant or help.

All we need from you is to follow our guidelines or steps to register very well as not to make a mistake. It will only need your device and your data connection to do all the online registration.

 Steps To Go On the Registration 2022

Our team is here to make the registration very easy and simple for you; on how to register. There are the steps register on the right below.

Firstly, Click here to register now, or head to the official homepage via http://mtnplay.com.gh/hitmaker/register.aspx.

Once the page is open you are expected to provide some of your personal data which includes;

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Your Mobile Number; First and Last Name.

Type in your Password; Confirm Password.

ID Type (National ID) and ID Number.

Type in your Age Gender (Male or Female).

Your Email Address; The Artist Location.

Artist will Write a brief Biography of his or herself.

The Artist should Write his/her Personal Message.

Enter the verification code. Accept terms and conditions.

Agree with a personal release. After that click on the REGISTRATION button.

Meanwhile, you have seen how to register on Hitmaker 2022. We know that what will be going through your mind is how to register, go ahead and register so that you will not miss out; we know that you will like to become a star and go home with that large of money.

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   Number One Prize For MTN Hitmaker Talent Show 2022

The Winner of the first prize will be going home with so much money on his or her bank account; also will be the star of the moment.

The winner will be awarded a music agreement worth GHS100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Ghana Cedis), subject to a perfect agreement, for the time of the Show.

There shall take all reasonable steps to obsolete a music producer for the Winner, taking into countable on the marketing the winner’s Music for a period of time.

We welcome your questions and comments on MTN Hitmaker Registration and How To Apply For season Form Online, use the comment box right below and you can also share on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many others.


  1. Christian says:

    Please can I register with my National Health Insurance Scheme card?

      1. Can I apply without a demo, please?

    1. I want to know when the forms will be out.

  2. is the registration form in

  3. Kofi Acheampong says:

    Please, want to know the date for registration.

  4. Please I want to know when the registration will start

  5. please, in case we are selected, will we take care of our own wardrobe or it will be taken care of by the organizers?

    1. Bashiru haruna says:

      Please is the forms out if not when please I want the exact date thank you.

  6. Seyram Jnr says:

    Season 7’s registration requested for a demo in the registration process for the competition. Wanted to ask if you can submit a demo or a well-mastered track?

  7. what if I don’t have an ID number can I still go on to register

  8. Asantewaa Queensilla says:

    please when will the date be out.

  9. Murphy Ranking says:

    Please, will I pay any amount for registration?

  10. King Bobby says:

    Please When Are You Coming To Kumasi For The The Audition Here.

  11. WUNYIYA JOHN says:


  12. please, when will the registration start

  13. Bismark Aboni says:

    Hi, my name is Bismarck A.K.A (BLACK BOY). please, I want to know when the registrations will start?

  14. Isaac Botwey says:

    Plz, my name is Isaac Kweku Junior, plz the registration will start when

  15. Jennifer aidoo says:

    please notify me when the registration form is ready.

    1. Lawrence Tanoh says:

      Hi, please my Lawrence Tanoh from Kumasi. I want to be of part MTN hitmaker.
      Notify me of the audition date. And guidelines of the registration, please.

      1. I love to Reply of the MTN Hitmaker

  16. Gyafo Raymond says:

    When Will It Start?

  17. Gloria Agyeiwaa says:

    Please notify me when the registration forms is ready.

  18. pelmiitey Eunice says:

    please can you register if you are 17years old

  19. Please are the forms in?

  20. Please notify me when the registration forms are ready, Thank you.

  21. Amg Linking says:

    notify me about an update on this year hitmaker

    1. Angela Aboagye says:

      Location for the audition, please

  22. Please when will be the date for the audition of Season 8

  23. when is the auditioning, please?

  24. Williams Tsorgali Akpohornu says:

    Please is it that necessary to send your demo even if you don’t have one yet?

  25. Michel Kpodo says:

    Please, I’d like to know when the registration forms will be out?

  26. Irene Akosua Mensah says:

    Hi am Irene Mensah, please I want to know when the registration forms will be out.

  27. Akese Lorretta says:

    Please I do not have a demo nor a passport, can I still register

  28. After registration how does one makes a way to be auditioned??…cause I’m done with the online app registration and it keeps saying my stuffs are being reviewed meanwhile the audition is in progress…how will I get a chance to be auditioned after registration please??

    1. email will be send to you

  29. Bernice okyere says:

    Please when will the audition start

  30. Where are the auditions

    1. You will be send an email or visit the official website

  31. EFO STARBWOT says:


  32. EFO STARBWOY says:


  33. Hello, Am Emmanuel Awutey and I am hoping to wait for the next season of hitmaker. I want to see the best u got. Thank you…

  34. I don’t have a demo and have not been to the studio to record before,in this case can I apply.

  35. Kasim Iddris says:

    Please how can I the registration process?

  36. Okyere David Junior says:

    I’ve tried registering online several times, but I can’t

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