How To Take Care Of Natural Hair | Steps To Maintain Your Hair

How To Take Care Of Natural Hair – Natural hair is a hair that has not been relaxed/permed using chemical products. Keeping natural hair is now the trend in most African countries, especially some part of the world. The use of chemical products on hair is now diminishing on daily basis. 

Many ladies are now transforming their hairs into natural hairs. This transformation simply means, leaving the hair for a long period of time without the application of chemical products, like relaxers to permanently straighten it. Majority of Africa have the 3c to 4c hair texture. These hair textures are tightly coiled. Taking care of natural hair, therefore, is painful and exhausting.

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It can also be difficult to maintain. Wrong hair maintenance can lead to severe hair breakage/fallout. To learn how to take care of your natural hair without much hassle, kindly read the content below;

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How To Take Care Of Natural Hair | Steps To Maintain Your Hair

⇔ Know your hair type. Knowing your hair type will enable you to know how to take care of your hair better.

⇔ Keep your hair hydrated and moisturized. Your hair needs to stay hydrated at all times. Learn how to moisturize your hair. There are many products on the market which helps to keep your hair moisturized. I have a 4c hair type. I moisturize my hair using water and shea butter most times.

To use this method, pour water in a spray can. Spray adequate amount of water on your hair. Detangle your hair using your fingers. Take adequate amount of shea butter and apply it to your hair. Detangle again with your fingers and comb with a wide tooth comb.

Shea butter helps to lock the moisture to your hair. You can try this method, or buy hair moisturizers. Know which works best for and use it. You can apply oils like coconut oil and olive oil, these oils hydrate the hair.

⇔ Avoid hairstyles that will damage your hair. Hairstyles like tight braids will damage your hair. It will lead to hair breakage. Make protective hairstyles like cornrows and natural hair twist outs. Loosen your twist outs, two to three weeks after making it. This is to prevent your hair from tangling.

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⇔ Avoid frequent ironing and blow-drying of your hair. Frequent ironing and blow-drying of your hair will lead to hair breakage and dry-out. To straighten your hair, you can make the African thread hairstyle. Leave it for a few days before loosening. You can also straighten your hair with rollers and low heat.

Easy detangling:

To detangle your natural hair, you need water. Water makes your hair soft and easy to detangle. Spray water on your hair, then detangle with your fingers. It prevents a breakout. You can also comb with a wide tooth comb after detangling with your fingers, as may be required.

⇔ Avoid the constant use of chemical products. Limit the constant use of chemical products. Excessive use of chemical hair products can break or damage the hair. It is advisable to embrace natural hair products.

⇔ Wash your hair frequently. Oils and some hair products attract dust and dirt. You need to wash your hair frequently with warm water and shampoo. Do not use hot water as it may cause dry-outs. Use a shampoo that is suitable for your hair.

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⇔ Trim your hair regularly. Trim your hair regularly so as to make your hair appear even and neat after packing/styling.

⇔ Wrap your hair in a silk scarf before going to bed. This prevents your pillow form absorbing moisture from your hair.

⇔ Eat a balanced diet.

These are the basics in taking care of your natural hair. Taking care of natural hair requires a lot of patience. You have to try out different hair care routines to know which works best for you.

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