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Symptoms Of Malaria – Malaria is one of the most common illnesses in Africa, also one of the leading cause of death in Africa. It is a disease caused by a parasite known as Plasmodium. Malaria can be life-threatening if not well managed. The vector of this parasite is a mosquito.

Malaria is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito, releasing the parasite into the bloodstream. Them mosquito that carries this parasite is the female Anopheles mosquito. If you happen to find yourself in a place where malaria is common, you are advised to take preventive measures.

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These measures include sleeping under a treated net, wearing protective clothes, also the use of mosquito repellants. Prevention is better than cure! Before we take you to the common symptoms of malaria, we would like to point out first that there are about five different types of malaria.

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Different Types Of Malaria – Symptoms Of Malaria

As we said before Malaria there are so many types of Malaria and with the Symptoms Of Malaria without wasting so much of your time.

Let show you the types of Malaria.

We have Plasmodium falciparum;

Plasmodium malaria;

Plasmodium ovale;

Also Plasmodium knowlesi;

And Plasmodium vivax;

Among the above listed, the most dangerous is Plasmodium falciparum which causes malaria in humans. Now let us take you to the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Malaria

The under listed are the common symptoms:




Nausea and vomiting

General body weakness;

Muscle ache;


Abdominal pain

In some cases, sore throat.

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It can appear within a few weeks after being infected. You are advised to see a physician once you start seeing some of these symptoms.

As we all know Malaria should not be overlooked as its mismanagement will lead to complications and death, eventually. Kindly use the comment section if you have any question as regards to this post.

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