Common Skin Diseases | Skin Diseases What You Must Do

There are so many common skin diseases right now. But do not worry about this page we are going to show you or outline skin diseases symptoms on how to go about it. We will like you to know that you need to care for your skin to avoid all the common skin diseases.

The sweat produced by the sweat glands and passed out through pores contains water, salt, and some little oil. These are waste products. If those are not washes off the skin, they harden and block the pores. This will prevent further escape of waste products.

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The results are irritation of the skin and other problems such as pimples. It is, therefore, necessary to keep the skin clean by the regular bath. In order to care for the skin, it is important to do the following;

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Skin Diseases Treatment

Treatment for skin diseases: Follow basic skincare routines. Use mild medicated soaps. In very serious cases see a doctor.

Wash your whole body daily and more than once during hot, dry and dusty seasons.

Always have a bath after serious games or exercises to avoid body odour.

Use good toilet soap, soft sponge and clean water.

Keep your towel, under-wears and other clothes clean.

Avoid using other person’s towels and clothing.

Do not use bleaching creams.

Eat balanced diets that are rich in milk, proteins, fruits, vegetables, cod liver oil.

Use mild skin creams and oils.

Treat skin diseases and problems promptly.

Now, at this point, we are going to outline all the major common skin diseases any of us can get if not avoided.

Common Skin Diseases

The question so many people out there are asking us is ” what are the Common Skin Diseases? Anyone can easily get if not prevented.

1. Ringworm: This is caused by the growth of fungi between the inner and outer layers of the skin. It shows a central area of skin surrounded by a ring of small round spots. The affected area is bald e.g. without hair.

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If you want to prevent it all you have to do is always keep your hair clean by taking your bath every day. Do not use other people’s comb, brush or any other articles used for hair and do not lend out your own. Keep all the tools used for the hair very clean as well.

2. Scabies: Caused by a small animal which bores under the outer skin. It lives and lays eggs there. It causes severe itching. For your information, it can be transmitted from one person to another by direct personal contact or by handing infected clothing.

3. Eczema: Causes the skin to become inflamed and gives a burning itching sensation. It leaves a clour which is different from that of the skin.

4. Pimples: Small raised inflamed spots on the skin. commonly on the face.

Bathing Procedure

Choose suitable toilet soap for your skin. Also, provide a suitable sponge or face towel and clean water.

Rinse off loose dirt and wet the skin by pouring water over the body.

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Soap the sponge or face towel thoroughly and scrub every part of the body. Pay special attention to the body folds such as the arm-pits and the groins.

Rinse the body properly with clean water. Rinse the sponge or face towel.

Dry the skin with a clean towel. And apply body cream or oil lightly on the skin. Dust on talcum powder as desired.

Results Of Negligence Of The Skin

If the skin is left to remain dirty the following will result.

The sweat pores will be blocked.

Sweat will be unable to leave the body.

Air will not pass into the body through the skin.

Body odour and different kinds of skin problems will occur.

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