Richest Man In Uganda 2021 | List Of Ugandans By Net Worth

Top Richest Man In Uganda 2021 – Uganda is a great country in Africa and the world at large there has been a lot of questions regarding who is the richest man in our country. As you all know Uganda is one of the richest countries in Africa. We have great men that our country can not do without.

On this post, we are going to tell you who is the top richest man in Uganda 2021. Those men you may know there are our brothers, uncle, brother-in-law, husband, etc. We have so many rice men in Uganda that have you can even know who is the richest among them. To make money is not easy and you all know.

You can as well know the ==== Top Richest Artist In Uganda 2021

We will be giving you all the loads down of the richest man in Uganda in 2021; we will be telling you how there all started from the top to down. Without wasting so much of your time let’s start. This is the last update of the top richest man in Uganda 2021 by Forbes.

Richest Man In Uganda 2021 | List Of Ugandans By Net Worth

We will be starting from the top to down as we said before. Let’s tell you how there all started, their business, Background, also their personal life.

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Sudhir Ruparelia – Net Worth Of US$800 Million

Sudhir Ruparelia
Sudhir Ruparelia – Top richest man in Uganda today

A great man that Uganda’s cannot do without his name is Sudhir Ruparelia was born on 17 January 1956. Ruparelia has business in all over the nation. His investments are mainly in the areas of banking, insurance, education, broadcasting, real estate, floriculture, hotels, and resorts.

Ruparelia great-grandfather reached Mombasa, Kenya in 1897 from India and set up a trading store there before coming to Uganda in 1903. Ruparelia has two sisters and one brother. He has happened so many young Uganda in one way or another.

Attended Bat Valley Primary School in Kampala, from P1 to P6, then Jinja Main Street Primary School in Jinja for P7 and Jinja Secondary School. In 1971, he joined Kololo Senior Secondary School. Married to Jyotsna, and they have three children. Sudhir is on top Richest Men In Uganda 2021 on our list.

Patrick Bitature – Net Worth US$ 670 Million – Top Richest Man In Uganda 2021

Richest Men In Uganda 2021
Patrick Bitature – Top richest man in Uganda today

Patrick Bitature is a good man from Uganda a great businessman and entrepreneur.  Was Born 10 May 1960 (age 58) Fort Portal, Uganda. A founder and chairman of the Simba Group of Companies also he is the co-owner of Protea Hotels. He was the first born in a middle-class family.

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When he was 13 years old, his father was murdered during the Idi Amin regime. Bitature attended Namasagali College in Kamuli District for his O-Level education. He later attended Nyakasura School in Fort Portal, Kabarole District for his A-Level education. Then studied at the London School of Accountancy in the United Kingdom.

Was awarded an honorary doctorate degree by the United Graduate College and Seminary International; based in Asheville, North Carolina. Bitature started a company that he named Simba Telecom Limited.

The company became a franchisee of MTN Uganda, which had just opened in the country. Simba Telecom has grown into the largest seller of MTN airtime in Uganda, with gross sales in excess of US$80 million. Tay to he is on number two top Richest Men In Uganda 2021.

Charles Mbire – Net worth US $500 Million

Charles Mbire
Charles Mbire

His full name is Charles Magezi Mbire is a businessman, entrepreneur, and industrialist in Uganda. Mbire was born in the year 1959 to the family of Ponsiano Mbire and Thereza Mbire in Mparo Rukiga District, southwestern Uganda.

Investments are in telecommunications, finance, energy, real estate, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, and transportation.

Is the third-born in the family with three sisters; two of them older than him, and two younger brothers. He attended Kabale Primary School and Kitante Primary School for his elementary education.

Magezi studied at St. Mary’s College Kisubi for his O-Level education. Attended Namasagali College for his A-Level studies. He then attended Namasagali College for his A-Level studies.

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Studied business and economics and graduated with the honors degree of Bachelor of Science; from Essex University in England. Tay to he is one of the richest man in Uganda today.

Amos Nzeyi – Net worth US $300 Million

Amos Nzeyi


Amos Nzeyi is a Ugandan businessman, entrepreneur, and industrialist. He was Born in the year 1947 Kabale District, Uganda. We do not know how our country will be without this great man. All in his mind is to help people from different places.

Has so many businesses which include Crown Beverages Limited – A bottler of Pepsi products. He was chairman of the board and part-owner.  Also Hot Loaf Bakery – A private bakery in Kampala, Uganda. He is the owner and chairman of the board. etc.

Nzeyi likes doing what he likes doing which is making money. Amos today he is one of the Richest Men In Uganda 2021. Not only that he is on a list of the top richest man in Uganda today.

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