MTN HitMaker Requirements 2022 Registration & Auditions Date

When you speak of shows in Ghana you must speak of MTN HitMaker Requirements and registration where young talent is nurtured and discover. The platform will make you a star. The question now is do you want to be a star? If your answer is yes that means you are in the right direction.

This page is officially made for those that are interested to be part of the show. So many young people out there have been searching for the MTN HitMaker Requirements. Not only that, some are asking where and when the MTN HitMaker registration will start.

On this page, we are made to update you on all the latest news regarding the requirements 2022 registration and auditions date.

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As we all know the past winners are doing very well in the music industry in Ghana and Africa at large. The likes of Koo Ntakra and Togbe there have been on the lips of everybody in Ghana. The question will be who will be the next winner? It is possible it may be you, let nothing stop you from the online registration.

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For you to be part of this show you must start with the registration. To start the registration you must have all the requirements complete and ready before you can apply. Guys you are made to get the application form only online. The fack is what are the requirements needed for the MTN HitMaker registration?

MTN HitMaker Requirements 2022

For you to apply you must be at least 18 years and above.

For an application to be considered complete, both the Registration Form and the Release Form are to be completely filled and signed with the Applicant’s original signature and the following attached:

a. A passport picture of the Applicant, with the name of that Applicant written on the reverse side of the picture.

b. Proof of the Applicant’s Identity (A photocopy of Passport, Voter’s ID, National ID, National Health Insurance ID, and Driver’s License). Note that Applicants may be required to produce the originals for inspection.

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c. A copy of the Demo being entered for the Show. Note that the demo should be recorded on a CD and that the Applicant’s full name must be legibly labeled; with a black marker, on the CD itself as well as on the spine of the CD case.

d. Two copies of the lyric sheet for the song on the Demo, and where the Demo includes a song which is partly or wholly in a language other than English, an English translation should be provided.

Now, that you have seen the MTN HitMaker Requirements 2021, the next thing is to show or guide you on how to apply for this year’s registration.

Steps To Apply For MTN HitMaker 2022 Registration

All Applicants are to pick up a Registration Form and a Release Form from MTN Offices nationwide or download the said Forms from www.mtnplay.com.gh.

Once the page is open you are made to provide some of your personal data which includes the following.

Mobile Number, your first and Last Name, Password, Confirm Password, ID Type (National ID), ID Number
Enter your Age, Gender (Male or Female), Email, Artist Location, Write a brief Biography of yourself, Personal Message, Enter the verification code.

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When you are done typing it down on the space make sure it is correct.

After that Accept terms and conditions. You are made to Agree with a personal release. The next thing is to check before you click on the submit button.

NOTE: All the applicants are made not to pay money to anybody during the registration.

Auditions Date

All the luck once will send an email to make sure you use an active email address during your MTN HitMaker 2022 Registration.

In the email, you will send the venue and the date of the Auditions. You are made to always check your email address to know when to go for your Audition.

If you do not have an active email address CLICK HERE to create a new Gmail account FREE.

That is it, for now, make use of our comments box if you have any questions regarding this year’s MTN HitMaker 2022 Registration.

You can as well share our page link through those buttons right below so that you can tell your friends about it. Good Luck.


  1. lorena baiden says:

    Will be waiting for the Auditions date.

    1. Obeng Stephen says:

      When are we going to get the forms online so we register?

    2. frederick Amankyim says:

      please how are we going to apply the forms

    3. Yang Kama says:

      Will Season 9 Come On With The On-Going Pandemic?
      If Yes Then Date Us So We Can Know When Auditions start?

      1. When is the audition of 2020 hitmaker

    4. Esther Araba Otoo says:

      Please will mtn hitmaker take place this year, if “yes” then,when is the form coming out.B’cus we are looking forward for it.
      I want to be part of it


    Waiting for the registration and audition date.

  3. Please if I don’t have any demo, can I also apply?

    1. @ Rcomlly: Yes you can apply

      1. Frederick Amankyim says:

        Please, a friend of mine registered for the mtn hitmaker 2019 and he is done with all the processes. Everything confirmed, his other friends who have also registered are getting their information alright but he hasn’t received any message from mtn hitmaker yet. But he just heard that those in Kumasi are having their audition today, and so he wants to know when it will be Accra’s turn for the audition. Date, time and venue for the audition. Thank u very much and will be expecting your feedback on this message.

        1. Email will be sent to him. He should always check his emails on daily bases.

  4. Mark Cypher says:

    Please am having challenges registering online, can i visit a near-by MTM offices for the said forms.

  5. Karim Abiba says:

    Can’t find the forms online
    Please help

    1. Karim, you are made to use those links above to register for free.

  6. I can’t locate the form on the MTN site. Help me find it.

  7. Sefakor Attipoe says:

    Plzzzz I’m not able to locate the registration forms online. Maybe there have not started.

  8. Please can I also apply if I don’t have a passport?…And when is the forms coming out?

  9. Please I don’t have a passport can I also apply?

    1. Passport is needed, go and get yours.

  10. Please I want to know the number of demos required

  11. I cannot find the forms online

  12. Theo Laryea.group(SUCCEED) says:

    Please can a group artist apply for it and if one has the passport

  13. Portia Boateng says:

    Please, what if you don’t have an original song but have a sweet voice and can sing well, can such a person also apply?

    1. Yes once you have all the requirements to Apply

  14. King Manuel says:

    Pls where do u go after visiting mtnplay.com
    Pls I need to apply

  15. please, can I apply with my voter’s id if I don’t have a passport or can someone with a passport assist me to register?

    1. You have to use your Voter’s card or passport to apply.

  16. Dickson Antwi says:

    Can uneducated but fully talented and skill person apply

    1. Yes… Go ahead and apply

  17. Irene Akosua Mensah says:

    What if the applicant has no ID…but rather NHIS

  18. Florence K says:

    Please alert us when the date is out for that of 2020.

  19. Bright Ahiador says:

    Am Bright my friend is really willing to serve the world with music, please notify me immediately season 9’s form is out, thanks

  20. Awinyam Emmanuel says:

    please I don’t have a demo yet can I apply

  21. Prince Amoah says:

    Pls alert me when the forms 2020 is out and the date

  22. Plz we need the Registration and audition date

  23. Ember Deston says:

    Please is the registration still in progress?

  24. Kwampah Florence says:

    Please when are the forms going to be out?

  25. Esther Araba Otoo says:

    Please alert me when the forms comes out and the date of auditions

  26. Oyerinde Jeremiah says:

    I’m a Nigerian and I’m schooling here in Ghana…I want to know if I can also apply to participate in the MTN hitmaker Ghana… Thank you…

  27. Hannah Acquah says:

    Pls, when will the forms be ready?

  28. Emmanuel Aikins says:

    Please I don’t have a demo. and I want to no if you can sing someone’s song or you naaa your song.

  29. Amponsah Andy says:

    Please am Addi Klif I want to be part of MTN HITMAKER so please when is the time for the audition and registration date?

  30. Emmanuel Ansah Rayfaith says:

    Please I want to make it possible for this year’s Edition. So where I my going to have a registration form.??

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