Water Benefits Class Of Food And Economic Importance Of Water

Water Benefits Class Of Food And Economic Importance Of Water

Water Benefits Class Of Food And Economic Importance Of Water: Water (H2O) is a compound formed when two molecules of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen react together. It is liquid in nature.

Water has been proven to be of utmost importance in health. Digestion it’s one of the six classes of food. You can’t have a complete balanced diet without including water. With this page, you will get the Water Benefits and its economic Importance Of Water.

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Meanwhile, we made this page for those who are in need of the Class Of Food and What does it do in our body? It aids in Digestion. It helps in dissolving the food particles.

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Water Benefits Class Of Food And Economic Importance Of Water

Thirst is the craving for fluids, resulting in the basic instinct of animals to drink. It is an essential mechanism involved in fluid balance.

Hydration: water keeps the body hydrated. When there is a loss of water or insufficient water in the body our body becomes dehydrated and this can be a life-threatening situation if not properly managed.

80% of human body is made up of water. That is to say that our life depends on water. Haven talked about dehydration and it’s consequences it may the interest you to know that most of the organs in the body like kidney needs water as much as it needs blood to function.

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Hygiene: We cannot talk about water without talking about its usefulness in the aspect of hygiene. We use it to clean our homes, wash our body and take care of dishes.

Cooking: No water, No food.

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Lack of water in a country is an emergency situation.
When there is insufficient water supply be it in form of rain or from any other source both plants, animal and man suffer and this can drastically bring down the economy of a country.

Water is very important when its come to several uses in the agricultural sector. Among others uses, it is used to irrigate crops.

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Water is a key component of the electricity generation in the world today. It may be directly used to turn turbines that generate electricity or it may be heated to produce steam which is then used to power machines that produced electricity.

Water is used for recreational purposes such as swimming. People pay to use facilities such as swimming pools, thus generating income for those who run the facilities.

Please, you can verify that % of water in the body and put the correct no there. Also, pick those captions and elaborate more on them I’m sure by the time you exhaust them you will have what you want. Good luck.

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