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Have you made up your mind to the force? And you are searching for the New Army Fitness Test. So many young people out there have been looking for an opportunity to join the Army. To Join the Army is not a big problem, the question now is can you be able to withstand the New Army Fitness Test this year.

For those that think that there will be a separation both female or male. We are made to understand that at the battlefield does not care; about age or gender, those things are no longer required. If you do not know the Army Physical Fitness Test is the program that is put together to access; those young men and women that are interested to join the force.

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Meanwhile, we all know that without the force in the country to defend and protect the citizen of the country the state will be in problem. To be one of the powerful counties in the world you must have to build your force with the new Army Physical Fitness Test. This page is originally made for those that are very much interested to join one of the greatest force in the world.

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Before we will address the focus topic we will start from the Army Requirements Fitness. What are those things that are required from you before the fitness test? We are here to address all the is needed to be addressed.  Without no deals let’s start.

Requirements Fitness

The major requirements for fitness are those things that are needed from you before you can be apart of the excess. There are as follows.

1. You must be at least ages 27-31 both male and female.

2. You must be fit medically, physically, and psychologically. That is, you must not have any persistent health issues or suffer chronic conditions like asthma. Neither must you have any physical or mental disabilities.

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3. You must not be less than 1.65 meters tall (men) and 1.56 meters tall (women). Yes, your height alone can truncate your dreams of joining the Army. So, check your height now. If you are shorter than the values stated, then your dream dies here.

4. You must be free of any criminal conviction. That is, you must not have been convicted of any crime. Also, get ready to travel if the screening center isn’t in your own state.

5. You must duly complete all forms and submit them at the examination venue on the date fixed for the screening examination.

That all you are needed for the program. Now, that you have seen the Army Requirements Fitness the next stage is to show you New Army Fitness Test 2019.

New Army Fitness Test

1. Standing Long Jump; It is one of three standing variants of track and field jumping events, which also include the standing high jump and standing triple jump.

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2. Push Up; is a common calisthenics exercise beginning from the prone position or the front leaning rest position known in the military.

3. Sit Up is an abdominal endurance training exercise to strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles. It is similar to a crunch, but sit-ups have a fuller range of motion and condition additional muscles.

4. Two-Mile Run; is a tributary of Kettle Creek in Clinton County, Pennsylvania, in the United States. It is 4.5 miles (7.2 km) long. Tributaries of the stream include Huling Branch and Middle Branch Twomile Run.

5. Interval Run is a short distance interval run designed to assess aerobic capacity. The intervals are only 20m apart and you start each 20m run on the sound of “beeps” that intervals decrease with time.

That is all the New Army Fitness Test 2019. You can make use of our comments box if you have any questions or contributions.

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