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HIV And AIDS Symptoms New Update – Human immunodeficiency virus is a virus that breaks down your immune system, making it easier to contract diseases. It weakens the body’s immune system making it defenseless against infections. There is no known cure for HIV for now.

People with this health condition are given some medicine that makes them stay stronger and healthy. Some medicines also reduce the chances of transferring it, other people. AIDS acquired immune deficiency syndrome is
caused by the human immunodeficiency virus.

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If you are living with human immunodeficiency virus and not taking anti-retroviral medicine, you are most likely to get to stage 3 of the human immunodeficiency virus infection, which is AIDS. It is possible for people living with HIV not to have AIDS. So let look at the some of the farts that you as a person will do before you can contract the virus.

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Without waiting so much of your time let’s show you.

How Does One Contract This Virus? – HIV And AIDS Symptoms

Human immunodeficiency virus can be contracted in many ways. These include:

Having unprotected sxx: An infected person can transmit this virus to another person by having unprotected sxx with him or her.

Blood transfusion: transfusing the blood of an infected person to another can lead to the infection of the person.

This virus can be transmitted from a mother to her child through breastfeeding.

This virus can also be transmitted by sharing sharp objects such as syringes, needles, razor blades, surgical blades, etc. with an infected person.

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You can be infected when bodily fluids from an infected person come in contact with your open sore. It is also good to note that HIV cannot be transmitted by talking to an infected person. It cannot also be transmitted by hugs, eating together and ordinary body contacts.

The Common Symptoms Of HIV

The common symptoms of HIV during the early stage include the following:

Sore throat


Muscle aches

Swollen lymph nodes



Joint pain

Night Sweats

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The common symptoms of HIV during the late stage, when it has progressed to AIDS include:

Excessive night sweats

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Rapid weight loss

Prolonged swelling of lymph nodes


Mouth sores

Rashes or sores on the genitals

Chronic fatigue

It is advisable to take preventive measures to avoid contracting this virus. Taking preventive measures do not include avoiding people living with it. Discrimination against people living with HIV impacts negatively on their general wellbeing so does not avoid them. You can always support them in any way you can.

The early symptoms are flu-like symptoms. If you start seeing these symptoms or suspect that you are infected, you are advised to go do HIV test. If you test positive, you must go see a physician immediately. I hope this article helps to answer some of your questions about HIV And AIDS Symptoms.

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