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MTN Data Plans — MTN is one of the Telecommunication Companies in Nigeria. It provides its subscribers with unlimited offers such as internet services, messages, local and international calls; to mention but a few. MTN provides very wide network coverage to both rural and urban areas.

This is to solve the problem of poor or no network coverage in some parts of the country. MTN reviews its data plan periodically, just like every other network providers. And in order to maintain their customers, and to win the hearts of people, they try to make their services as cheap and as affordable as possible. With the ever-growing competition between them and other network providing companies, it strives to serve its customers better.

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In order to achieve this, it has gone a long way in meeting up with the need of its subscribers. This need ranges from steady availability of network to cheap and affordable services. It has a list of different Android data plans to suit the needs of its  subscribers. The recent MTN Data Plans 2019 are listed below:

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MTN Daily Plan:

This data plan is of two types:

  1. 50MB + 25MB Bonus data plan: This costs 100 naira only. It is valid for 24 hours. To buy, text “104” to “131”
  2. 150MB + 75MBBonus data plan: This costs 200 naira only. It is valid for 24 hours. To buy, text ” 113″ to “131”

MTN Weekly Data plan:

This plan is also of two types

  1. 150MB: It costs 300 naira only. This plan is valid for 7 days. To buy, text “102” to “131”
  2. 500MB: The costs 500 naira only. It is valid for 7 days. To buy, text “103” to 131″

MTN Monthly Data Plan:

MTN has six different monthly data plans.

1.  1GB: This plan costs 1,000 naira only. The validity period is 30 days. To purchase, text “106” to “131”

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2. 1.5GB: The cost of this plan is 1,200 naira only. It is valid for 30 days. To purchase, text  “130” to “131”

3. 2.5GB: It costs 2,000 naira only. It is also valid for 30 days. To purchase, text “110” to  “131”

4. 5GB: The cost is 3,500 only, valid for 30 days. To purchase, text “107” to “131”

5. 10GB: This plan costs 5,000 naira only and will last for 30 days. To purchase, text “116” to “131”

6. 22GB: You will purchase this plan with the cost of 10,000 naira only. It lasts for 30 days. To Purchase, text “117” to “131”

Quarterly Plans For 60 Days.

For those of us that love to make use of mega plans. there are two different of which includes

1. 50GB: It will last for 60 days it goes for 20,000. When you maid up your mind to buy, Text”118″ to 131

2. 85GB: This plan will last for 3 months and it cost N 50, 000 Text”1341 to 131 to buy.


Subscription Codes & Price – Latest MTN Data 

Below we are going to show or outline all the MTN Data Plans 2019 Subscription Codes and Price on the table right below.

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                Data                  Price          USSD Codes        Validty Period
50 MB + 25 MB Bonus N 100 *104# 1 Day
15 MB N 200 *113# 1 Day
150 MB N 300 *102# 7 Days
500 MB N 500 *103# 7 Days
1 GB + 500 MB Bonus N 1, 000 *106# 30 Days
 1.5 GB N 1, 200 *130# 30 Days
2.5 GB N 2, 000 *106# 30 Days
5 GB N 3, 500 *110# 30 Days
22 GB N 5, 000 *107# 30 Days
50 GB N 10, 000 *116# 60 Days
85 GM N 15, 000 *117# 90 Days

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