Industrial Accidents | Causes And Prevention Of Industrial Accidents

Today we will be looking at Industrial Accidents. It is “the logical consequence of planing a fallible human being; in potentially dangerous circumstances in any premises where ten or more persons are employed; for sale for the purposes of gain or profit maximization”.

Also, it is all about unplanned or unintentional acts or events resulting in injury; or death of persons and or damage to property in an industry. Now, that you have seen the mean of an industrial accident. The next thing is to outline all the major causes and prevention.

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On this page, we are going to tell you all you need to know about Industrial Accidents. There are so many causes no this page we are going to look into it one after another. We have receives so many messages regarding this topic. The question now is “what are the causes?”

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Causes Of Industrial Accidents

Ignorance and inability to read interpreted safety rules.

Alcoholism and influence of some drugs.

Poor layout and construction of factories.

Inadequate lighting.

Inadequate ventilation

High/ low temperatures.

Slippery floors.

Faulty machines.

Poor design of machines.

Lack of protective devices.

Ill health and defects of the assigned job.

Recklessness and nervousness.

Lack of motivation.

What are the Major Causes of Industrial Accident? The next thing is to outline all the Prevention that you must take note of.

Prevention Of I. Accidents

Prevention of protective equipment and devices.

Industrial health education on accidents and safety strategies.

Pre-employment and periodic medical examinations.

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Regular supervision and inspection of factory mental health implication of occupations.

An adequate organization of safety and operational measures or policy for each plant and industry.

Organize resources and facilities for training on the job.

Ensure adequate lighting.

Ensure adequate ventilation.

Good housekeeping.

Proper maintenance and replacement of faulty machines.

Ensure motivation and good human relationship in places of work to reduce stress and alcoholism.

General Principles Of Accident Prevention In A Industry

The prevention of accidents is an essential part of good management.

Both workers and management must cooperate to reduce accidents.

The organization of safety in the plant is the responsibility of the top management.

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Each plant should have a definite and well-known policy on safety.

The best-known method, which can be introduced, must be applied at the work facility.

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