How to Delete Chatib Account | Deactivate your Account

How to Delete Chatib Account. Hi, you are on this platform simply because you want to know how to delete, close, terminate, and even manage your Chatib account.

If that is true, then you are on the right platform.

We are simply going to guide you on how to close your account. So whatever be the reason you want to close your account is not our business.

But our major concern is to guide you on how to delete, close, or even manage your account.

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Meanwhile, Chatib is a website intended for chatting. It has many different chat rooms in which you can join.

In addition to that, you can create your own chat room and freely manage those that you have created as well. By joining Chatib, you can meet new people from different parts of the world.

How To Delete Chatib Account

You may submit a verifiable request for them to delete any personal information they have collected about you. Please note that this is subject to certain exceptions.

To do this, you will have to request account deletion via their contact us page on their official website

Follow these steps below:

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Step 1. Go to the following URL “
Step 2. Enter your name.
Step 3. Enter your Email Address that is linked to the account you want to delete.
Step 4. Now, in the “Message” text field, type, REQUEST TO PERMANENTLY DELETE MY ACCOUNT, and also enter your honest reason for requesting account deletion with your account credentials.
Step 5. And finally, click on SEND to submit your account deletion request.

Here is a SAMPLE on how to write such an email.

Account deletion process:

The deletion process normally consists of the following steps:

  • REQUEST: A user who wishes to delete their account/data may have to submit an account deletion request.
  • VALIDATION: Their support team member may have to cross-check your information with their internal database. If data matches, they will initiate the deletion process and notify you that the deletion has started.
  • DELETION: At this level, all the records of your account will be deleted.
  • FINAL NOTIFICATION: Now, once the deletion process has been deleted, they will notify you that your account has been successfully deleted.
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