How To Delete Whatsapp Contacts | Block Contacts On WhatsApp

How To Delete Whatsapp Contacts: We all know that Whatsapp is the most used App in the world right now. There are people we do not want to be on our list of friends. And to remove them will now be a problem. The facts remain that to remove someone on your list of friends is not a problem once you follow the guidelines.

So many people out there have been searching for a way to unfriend their contacts without deleting their numbers. Once you add a number into your phonebook, it will surely appear on Whatsapp list. The truth is that once you delete the number on your phone contacts list it will not larger be on your list.

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Some of us want to remove contacts from WhatsApp but not from the phonebook. That is more reason we decided to create this page to help millions of people there. You will not like to stop using it because of someone you do not want to be your friend or do not want to chat with is using WhatsApp.

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Meanwhile, we are going to show you how to delete Whatsapp contacts and how to block contacts on WhatsApp list. This is originally made for you to solve your problem.

How To Delete Whatsapp Contacts

For you to remove a friend from your list, what you will do is to follow the producers. It is very easy and simple to remove, you do not need to meet anybody for assistance. What you need to do is simply follow the guidelines right below.

Firstly, open your phone’s Contacts or the app.

Go through the contacts you want to delete the WhatsApp contact number as well.

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After that Edit the modifies contacts.

Once you are done, it that find the mobile phone number you want to be removed.

Visit WhatsApp, once you remove the number from the contact it will automatically disappear in WhatsApp contacts lists. You can as well Refresh the app once you are done deleting.

When you follow those steps you can remove as many numbers you want to unfriend from your list.

For those that will not like to remove the number from the mobile phonebook. What you will do is block the number from Whatsapp.

 Steps To Block Contacts

It is possible to Block Contacts On WhatsApp then removing their numbers from the phonebook. As we said before once you remove the number from your phonebook you cannot be able to call the person or to send messages once you are not with his or her number.

But it will not prevent you from not to receive call or messages from the person. Now, let’s guide you on how to Block Contacts On WhatsApp.

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You will be made to open the number or name you want to block what you will do it to open the chat.

When you are done with that, Click on the three dots on the upper right of the screen of your phone.

After that, you will see the option “View Contact“. Click on it.

Go down the page you will see the block option in red font. Hits the button to block the number.

That is it, YOU ARE DONE with the blocking. Make sure you follow the guidelines if you want to Block Contacts On WhatsApp.

You can as well make use of our comments box if you have any problem. Do not forget to tell your friends about how to delete Whatsapp contacts.

That amazing fact is that it is FREE to Delete Whatsapp Contacts. Good Luck.

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