How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application

How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application:- We glad you want to travel out, but here is one thing you must do; you must get a bank statement for your visa application, the essence of this is to prove; that you will not be a liability to the country you are visiting. Traveling abroad requires simple but strict things to be approved for a visa.

Have you heard of booking up a hotel, paying for flight tickets, and others; Yes, all that needs to be before your application for your travel gets approved. However, we are not here to look into all that, but rather here to see; how to apply for a statement of account from your bank.

A bank statement of account is, however, a paper in a printed format that reveals your transactions from such banks from a particular time to another. The statements, however, shows the individual’s record of deposit, transfer, withdrawals, credit card application, etc.

And at the time such transaction happened, your consular is, however, not interested in transactions which you did, but the ledger balance in your account as at the time you are applying for your visa.

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Bank Statement of Account Contents

Your bank statement of account is part of your travel documents, it is usually an open details that will show the account owner’s withdrawals, deposit, and transfers. Here are the things you may find in the statement of your account.

Account Owners Full Name: The name of the account owner is usually what appears first on the paper, the name is written in bold letters so as to disclose in a better view.

Withdrawals – The withdrawal dates are also shown alongside the date of such withdrawals.

Deposit: The bank statements contain the owner’s deposit, as regards to different dates and times. Whether it is by cheque or physical deposit.

Transfer: The document also reveals money transfers from and into such accounts. If ithe individual has made transfers out from his account, such statements will reveal that.

Ledger Balance. The ledger balance is, however, the GPoint. After all these transactions, what do you now have at hand? Your statement also reveals your current balance in your account.

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Getting Started with Visa Application

To apply for a visa, you will need to fill out the US visa application form, the Chinese visa application formthe Canadian visa application form, or the visa form of any country that you are visiting,  you can do this either online or offline but after filling out the form, you will provide your biometrics and then wait for your invitation for an interview.

How to Get Bank Statement for Visa Application

Once your statements is given to you, you should review the information on the printed paper to see that the statement given to you has the following on it: below:

  • our account details within a period of six (6) months.
  • The full flow of money in and out of your account.
  • The original copy of your bank statements can be printed on an A4 paper.
  • No colored printing out is needed.
  • The bank statement must be issued or collected from the applicant’s banks and must have the bank stamp on it.
  • The applicant’s full name, as it appears on his visa application form must appear on the statements
  • Also, the statement must reveal the applicant’s home address.
  • It must show the full account history of the applicants for a minimum of three months of his transactions
  • The bio of the applicants must be shown on the statement and this must tally with the data he or she has earlier provided.
  • However, some visa applications may require that you present statement of account for visa application alongside your salary slip or indication of pension.
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Other Documents

The forms below are the things you may need to come along when presenting your statements of account

  • Your birth certificate or an Affidavit of a declaration of age.
  • Affidavit of support
  • A recent passport photograph and
  • an International passport.

Hope this guide was helpful? Join our page to find out more about your travel visa. At this point, we are going to end it on how to get Bank statement for Visa application. Good Luck…

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