Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2022/23 | Requirements For ZAF Recruitment

Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2022/23 – Zambia is a great country that every young person will always love to be part of this recruitment. Are you in search of ZAF Recruitment to know when and how to apply on your own without running to anyone for assistance. If your answer is yes then, you are on the right page.

We are getting a lot of messages regarding Zambia Air Force Recruitment so we decided to create this page to address this topic. What is have to understand about Zambia Air Force is that there are an air operations element of the Zambian Defence Force. Following the creation of the Republic of Zambia in 1964; the former northern Rhodesian Air Wing was renamed as the Zambia Air Wing which lasted until 1968.

You can still apply for ==== US Army Recruitment For Foreigners

The major missions of the Air Force are to defend Zambia’s borders and protect its airspace. For those that are interested to serve our country and to apply, we are here to inform you that application Form is not on sale online which means the form is not yet out. But notwithstanding we are going to tell you the latest information regarding this year ZAF Recruitment.

The information reaching us is saying that the head of ZAF Recruitment will be employing over 40, 000 offices nationwide. Which means very soon there will start employment. Know that when you will be applying online there will need Requirements once the form is out. Let’s look at the Requirements.

Requirements For Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2022/23

For you to apply you must make sure that you have all the recruitments need before applying; for you not to make mistakes when applying let’s outline all the requirements needed.

Below are the general requirements.

1. The applicants must be a citizen of Zambia or as well have a green national registration card.

2. Must be at least 18 to 25 years of age.

3. Height 1.73m or 5’8 feet for male and 1.65m or 5’4 feet for female.

4. You must be in good medically, physically and mentally capable.

5. Holder of a full Grade twelve (Twelve) Certificate with 5 (5) “0” levels with a minimum of a credit or higher in English, arithmetic and any Science subject.

6. Female candidates should not be pregnant at the time of application.

That is it, for you to apply you do not need to pay money to anyone before applying online for Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2022/23. Which means it is FREE to apply.

How to Apply For Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2022/23

As we said before the form is not yet out we like to advise all the interested candidates that want to apply there should still in touch with

This page is still under updates once the application form is out we will be the first to update it or you can as well drop your email address or phone number so that we can get in touch with you.

The Application Form is made to apply only but once if you apply more than once you will be disqualified. That is all for now.

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If you have any question or contribution due make use of our comment box right below. Tell your friends about it so that there can also know about Zambia Air Force Recruitment 2022/23.

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  1. Dennis Silwimba says:

    am a Zambian citizen who wishes to join the Zambian defense forces as my carer

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      I would love to be part of the ZAF team

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      Am a Zambian citizen interested to join Zambia Air force my contact number? please contact me when the forms are ready.

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    am willing to join, full Zambian holding a green national registration card.
    lubasi munalula +26097526703

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  8. Judith nsofwa says:

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    please update me with any new information about zaf recruitment and when the application form will be published. your response will highly be a help.

    1. Eugenia Musatwe says:

      When are the forms going to be out? This is already 2020 and I have not heard anything.

  10. Saviour masendeke says:

    I love this job contact me when they start recruiting 0972423998

  11. Innocent zulu says:

    I am a Zambian citizen aged 28, I hold a Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, a basic certificate in Flying, a full grade twelve certificate with nine points in best five subjects, a driving license, and a green national registration card.

  12. Innocent zulu says:

    I am a Zambian citizen aged 28. I hold a Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, a basic certificate in Flying and a class B driving licence. Yours faithfully. Innocent Zulu 0975701617

    1. Rock kaputa says:

      Update me once the recruitment begins 0968625971

  13. kennedy chalwe says:

    have been looking forward to joining the team…have done heavy duty mechanics

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    Very much interested please notify me as soon as the applications are out.

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    Good morning, I trust that you are well. I am absolutely interested in joining ZAF. 0976 128474

  19. Yasa Muleba says:

    I am absolutely interested. 0976 128474

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    I will be very much interested if I will join the Zambia Air Force and I will be very grateful.

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    Am very much interested to join ZAF at any time. +260975391873 +260968397412 and am a full Zambian citizen.

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    1. We will keep you informed. Always visit for more update.

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    To the subject above, kindly notify me immediately the application forms will be out.
    I am Zambian Citizen With all the credentials required for the recruitment.
    Please, you can reach me on:

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    I would love to be part of the team..please notify me when the application is ready…

  53. Samuel Shalila says:

    l did automotive electrical & electronics with computer studies at Lusaka Business And Technical College,l did my work experiences at Zambia Army Headquarters and at Parrogate ginneries Zambia. I am a male Zambian aged 24 with a full G12 certificate and a height of 1.75 with no disabilities.l would like to join the air force. Regards Samuel Shalila 0963049866

  54. Samuel Muyangwa says:

    0964299604 or 0977338050 you can reach me on those numbers I am interested in joining the ZAF.

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    I am very much interested in joining ZAF, am a full-time citizen holding a green national registration card, of age 21 and ready to undergo defense training.


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    Female zambian nurse aged 23…
    I would love to join ZAF…

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    I believe in peace and justice also to maintain order it is one of my principal’s.
    Ever since I was young I used to dream that I was in ZAF but now
    I completed my education and it’s
    The first thing I gonna do because of I
    I love this job with all my heart.

  72. isaac ziwa says:

    update me via my email or phone when the application forms are out.

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    I would love to join Zaf

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    I would love to serve my country Zambia’s air space and borders with Zambia Air force. please notify me

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    I would love to serve my country Zambia under the Zambia Air force. please notify me

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    Thank you so much n God bless you

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  84. Freddie muyangana walubita says:

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  85. I am interested how can I get in

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    I would love to be part of the Zambia air force

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    you can reach me on this line when the application forms are ready

  105. Can I join even if I have a tattoo

  106. Paul mwansa says:

    I am a Zambian male aged 22.Holder of diploma in clinical medicine, a certificate in giving/Adi’s management, and a green national registration card.
    I love Zaf.

  107. arllen musole says:

    iam a zambian male age 225 ‘holder of certificate in computers and a green national
    Registration card.

  108. Jackson Sakala says:

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  110. Please! Will be patiently waiting for the update.

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    Below is my email, kindly inform me

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