Waakye Rice | How to Make Ghanian Waakye Rice & Beans

Waakye Rice – a warm welcome to you our great viewer. We value you and want to give you the best on our platform. Here today, we shall be guiding you thoroughly on the steps and procedures on how to make Ghanaian waakye rice & beans.

We are not only going to guide you on how to prepare waakye rice. But also, we are going to be giving you relevant knowledge about this recipe. Waakye rice is a Ghanaian favorite delicacy made out of rice and beans with some special spices.

And it is commonly eaten as breakfast, lunch, or supper. The beans used are normally black-eyed peas or cow beans, some use red or pinto beans.

It is then commonly wrapped in banana leaf and served with wele stew, Shitto, boiled chicken eggs, garri, shito, vegetable salad of cabbage, onions, and tomatoes, spaghetti {talia in Ghana}, fried plantain, fish, or meat.

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Ingredients for Preparing Waakye Rice

  • 2 cups of dried black eyed beans
  • 3 cups rice
  • 8 dried millet stalk leaves
  • 1 tablespoon of baking Soda
  • Seasoning cube
  • salt to taste


1. Pour over a litre of water into a saucepan together with the millet leaf stalks. Put on high heat to boil. The millet stalk leaves will start omitting its colour and the water will start turning into a deep wine colour.

2. Rinse the soaked beans and add to the boiling water. Cover and let it cook till tender.

3. Also, rinse the rice till the water is cleared. Add the washed rice into the saucepan together with salt to taste.

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4. Do not remove the millet stalk leaves. When the rice boils over, reduce heat and simmer till the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked through. Rest for three to five minutes, remove millet stalk leaves.

How to Make Waakye Rice

1. Rinse the beans and soak the black-eyed bean overnight with the millet stalk leaves with enough water. Then until just soft the following day or cook the dried beans in a pressure cooker for about 15-20 mins. You must ensure the beans are getting soft

2. Add the soda to the cooking beans.

3. Bring to boil and cook till tender. Add the washed rice, salt, and some water if needed. Stir and cover tightly.

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4. Season well with salt, Seasoning cube, and add the oil.

5. When the rice boils over, reduce the heat and simmer till the water is absorbed and the rice is cooked through. Rest for about three to five minutes, remove millet stalk leaves and fluff with a fork.

6. Serve and enjoy.

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