ImmigrationTECHNOLOGY Account Registration Page – Login & Download App Account Registration Page Account Registration Page – Login & Download App Account Registration Page – Login & Download App:  Are you a blog? And you have been looking for how you can apply for Google AdSense. On this article, we will show you all the steps to apply for Google AdSense.

Now, all you need to do is follow our guidelines you will apply for Google AdSense on your own without help from your anyone, the process is below you can also use our images. Account Registration Page – Login & Download App

Top Reason Why You Should Work With Google AdSense Program?

  • Google AdSense Program gives you the opportunity to Block ads you don’t like, customize where they appear, and choose which types of ads fit your site.
  • Pay Out Time: Once your earning reaches the Threshold (which the least is $100) Google gives no excuses to pay out.  As such you have the ability to fix/increase your Threshold (but $100 by default).
  • Pay directly into your local Bank Account:  This is really nice, as Google releases earning of very publishers into their account. Meanwhile, you have access to selecting this option after your account is approved. The Wire Transfer payment was recently added as part of a payment. But before now, Google sent out Check to your address on every due time. Anyways, the option is still available to select it that is the best option for you.
  • Google helps to discover what works best for you and your site: This is the most amazing feature because everyone once to make huge money online, that is the reason Google is here to assist on that to make sure your ads are placed and seen at all time.
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Complete Guide on Account Registration Page

STEP 1. The registration form is simple and easy going.  But first making sure that the website is using is active with relevant contents in it. Visit

Adsense registration 1 Account Registration Page – Login & Download App

On the form, you will be asked to provide your website address.  Google provides a standard to enter your website. These days you don’t need entering “https”, instead, Google prefers that you enter your website starting with a “www.” for example;

The next on the form is to provide your email address. You MUST have a valid and active email account to do this. Preferably GMAIL ADDRESS. If you are creating a Gmail for the first time – click here to Sign Up now.

The next on the form is a choice to make whether you love to receive Google update regarding Adsense information (AdSense performance suggestions). Preferably select the first Option, which is “YES”.

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Once you are done with all of this process, and you are sure every information provided on the form is correct, proceed with clicking “SAVE AND CONTINUE”.

STEP 2.  Now Google Sign you into your Google account to able you continue setting up AdSense.

Adsense registration 2 Account Registration Page

On this stage, you have nothing much to do, only to use the drop-down menu bar and Select your country or territory, also to review and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Must people gets it every wrong at this stage while selecting their country or territory. They select a worng location, thinking that Google specially approves account. Which is not correct.  Howeer, the impilation of selecting the wrong country or territory is that at the time of your verification (after your account is approved) Google will be sending a verification Code Letter/package to your address (country) to enable you collect the letter and login your account to complete the final verification.

Review the information you entered and make sure its correct before proceeding to click on “CREATE ACCOUNT” button.

STEP 3.  At this point, you are in your account. Follow the Tour – to go through the dashboard and learn what nest action or task ahead of you. OR you skip the tour and click on “GET STARTED” to continue.

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STEP 4. This is where you provide information like; address, Name, city, postal code and phone number.

Adsense registration 4 Account Registration Page

The first to select or edit on this part of the Account Registration Page is the type of account; Google has an Individual account and a Business Account. click on the drop-down menu to select which suits your need.

By default, Google already imports Google Email Email. But this is an opportunity to make amend on it. Enter the name you would like to be addressed as.

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Another part of the form

STEP 5. The final steps of this registration are to Connect your site to Adsense Using the ad code generated by Google in your account to activate your account and start showing ads.

Adsense registration 5 Account Registration Page

After you have copied and pasted the code in your website, come back to this page ( to check the box “I’ve pasted the code into my site”.

Then click on “Done”.

Make sure to save every setting on your website after placing the code correctly.

At this point, you have no further action to take, rather than to make sure you keep updating your website with relevant information that complies with Google Adsense Program and keeps checking your email address in case of any important notification from Google regarding your application.

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