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We made this App for you to Upload Music To Spotify so that millions of people out there can get your music as an artist. If you have not heard that Hitsbase.com is here to make it easy for you to get to the music loves around the world. As we all know music is life, image if there is no music! As your self how can we be able to cope?

There are so many young people out there that are searching for a way to Upload Music To Spotify or to create Spotify account free online. Our team has to create this page to assist in solving this issue. Know that before you can upload your music you must have created your account with this amazing app. Creating your account is made FREE no matter where you are creating your account from.

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Meanwhile, it has come to our knowledge that many mobile users find it very difficult to Create Spotify Account Free or even toUpload Music To Spotify, so that is the major reason why we have deemed it necessary to create this page. Before we show you step by step on how to go about it we will like to outline some of the features of creating your account with Spotify.

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The reason we stand above others. Our feature is better than other online music uploads sites right now in the world. Why so many artists are creating an account and uploading their kinds of music online without any problems.

Features Of Upload Music To Spotify

Below are the reasons you should create an account with this amazing app on your device. Without wasting so much of your time let’s start by telling you that you can get the following for Free.

High-quality music streaming

Personalized recommendations

Thousands of curated playlists

Manage all your music in one place

Follow artists and playlists

Create your playlists and share with friends & family

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Search from more than 3 million songs

Most especially, you can upload your music at any time of the day for free.

Now, that you have seen some of the features, the next thing is to guide you on how to create your Spotify Account Free online without any problem.

Steps To Create Your Account Free

Login to https://www.spotify.com

Click on ” Download Spotify Music App ” button.

Fill in your personal details on the space provided below, which includes your mobile number, password, first name, last name, and Email address.

Add your date of birth, address, and state.

Agree to the terms and conditions, you have now successfully signed up for a Vent account.

Finally, click on Sign Up Vent button to access your account at any point in time.

Meanwhile, now that you have Spotify Account Free on your own, believe me, that to Upload Music To Spotify is also as simple as A, B, C all you have to do is to follow this lead down procedures to Upload Music To Spotify at any point in time.

How To Upload Music

Once you have made up your mind as an artist to upload your music all you have to do is to follow up the guidelines right below.  Make sure you do not make a mistake while you are uploading your music online.

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What you are made to do are as follows.

Firstly, Click on the top-right corner of the app and select Settings.

After that Scroll down to Local Files.

Once you are done with that Any files in My Music and Downloads are automatically selected.

Switch off any sources you don’t want Spotify to access.

Click ADD A SOURCE to select another folder.

You are made to understand that it will be Supported file types which include;

  • .mp3
    .m4p (unless it contains video)
    .mp4 (if QuickTime is installed on your computer)

Select any of those Supported file types above that you want to upload to.  As you can see it is easy and simple as we have said before on this page.

Guys, you can tell your friend about this amazing app by making use of those share buttons right below. There is love in sharing.

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