Steps To Apply Green Card Lottery | Canada, UK and American Visa

Guys, today we will be looking at steps to apply for a green card lottery. This page is originally created for those who are looking for how to apply for Green Card Lottery. Do not worry we are here to guide or show you how you can apply.

Many people all over the world, citizens of other African countries and generally; countries with developing economies are comparative and have to need to get Visas to developed countries of the world. Countries like the American, Canada, and the UK.

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Meanwhile, let’s show you some of the types of Visa Application Forms that an individual can apply; The types of visa are as follows.

  • Tourist visa.
  • Study visa.
  • Pilgrimage visa.
  • Transit visa.
  • Business Visa.
  • Diplomat visa.
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And so many of them on the types of Visa Application Forms that you as an applicant can apply.

Visa Lottery  Requirement

Still, on the steps to apply for a green card lottery; we will now be looking that the requirement for an applicant to apply for green card lottery; we are going to outline all the requirement to apply.

1.  Two blue/white background Canada-sized passport photographs.

2.  Original and copy of International Passport data page.

3. Copy and Original of approved Yellow Fever Certificate.

4. Original signed introduction letter from the applicant.

5. Confirmed return air ticket with a booking reference number.

6. Accommodation for the duration of stay (e.g. hotel.

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7. Original and a copy of valid Income Tax Clearance.

8. Original and copy of a certificate of birth/ marriage.

9. Bank reference letter for the sponsor.

10. Copy of International Passport Data Page of the Sponsor.

11. Original and a copy of Immigration Approval Letter.

However, you have seen the major requirement you need to go with when you are going to apply for a green card lottery. Now we about to show you how you can apply for a green card lottery at any of the counties we outline above.

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Steps To Apply For Green Card Lottery | Canada, UK, and American Visa

The said that peasant Dog eats the fattest bone. Without westering so many much of your time. Let’s guide you on the steps to apply for green card lottery for Canada, UK, and American.

  • For the UK Green Card Lottery CLICK HERE to start applying.
  • To apply for Canada Green Card Lottery you can CLICK HERE to applying.
  • CLICK HERE for those how are heading to American.
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Make use of our box right below if you find any difficulty on Steps To Apply For Green Card Lottery Canada, UK, and American Visa; All you need to is to drop your mobile phone number or your email address for us to guide you.

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