MTN Data Plan 2020 Code For Android | iPhone Modem And Laptop

MTN Data Plan 2020 Code – If you are looking for an affordable MTN data plan for your Android, iPhone, modem, and laptop and many other devices. Then, you are on the right webpage. MTN Data plan is one of the largest used networks in the universe.

MTN data plan involves daily, weekly, monthly, as well as quarterly plans for your phones. Either your Android phone, laptop, Blackberry, iPhone. MTN date is one of the affordable data plans in different parts of Africa; everybody in this part of the world is going crazy about the MTN data plan because you can get as low 100 naira data.

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In this article, we will be telling you the latest  MTN data plan; that you can use for your Android phone, laptop, Blackberry, iPhone and so many other devices. Today MTN currently charges 5 kobo/kb for pay as you go browsing.

Browsing on a pay as you go is costly for most people or users. We recommend you to migrate to an internet plan using its internet browsing codes as they offer more value for money. We like to look at the benefits of the MTN data plan the reason why millions of people are going for the MTN data plan.

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Amazing Benefits Of MTN Date Plan

Guys let’s look at the reasons why the MTN date plan is number one used data plan in where we are and other parts of the universe.

1.  MTN data plan is number one in Africa.

2. It is the fastest network in terms of browsing.

3. MTN data plan very easy and simple to migrate and buy a data bundle.

4. It is the lowest date plan in West Africa.

5. You can use the MTN data plan at any device like Android phone, laptop, Blackberry, iPhone and so many others.

6. With MTN Data plan you can buy data by daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

7. The amazing part of the MTN Data plan is that it charges 5kb for pay as you go browsing.

8. Guys, you can Download, Upload so many things on your social media.

Now, you have seen what makes MTN number one date plan in Nigerian and other parts of the world. We will like to show you how to buy and migrate to any plan of your choice.

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MTN Data Plan 2019 Code For Android iPhone Modem And Laptop

How To Buy MTN Data Plan – MTN Data Plan

To buy, the MTN Data plan is so easy and so amazing that we enjoy it when we want to buy MTN Data plan in any part of the world. Without wasting so much of your time, let’s head to it. That the below you will see how to buy MTN Data plan.

Must active your MTN line or sim before buying the MTN Data plan.

The user must recharge his or her MTN sim with any amount of your choice.

Dial the code or send an SMS to (131) for the MTN data plan you want to use on the code above.

It will pop out on your screen asking you to confirm the data you want to purchase.

Them type one(1) for yes and click Ok.

MTN will send you a message telling you your purchase is successful also show you the amount of data you are purchased.

You can start enjoying your MTN data at this point. Meanwhile, you have seen how to buy MTN data on your device; Next step we will be looking at the code to use buy and migrate to MTN data plan in Nigerian.

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Codes To Buy MTN Data Plan – MTN Data Plan 2020

Let’s show you all the code that you can use to buy the MTN data plan, that anywhere you are in Nigeria. Below are the codes;

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1.  10GB MTN data plan monthly text 116 to 131.

2. 22GB MTN data plan monthly text 117 to 131.

3. 50GB MTN data plan monthly text 118 to 131.

4. 85GB MTN data plan monthly text 133 to 131.

5. MTN Daily data plan for mobile, 30MB (24 hours) SMS 104 to 131.

6. 750MB Weekly browsing for mobile, 750MB text 103 to 131.

7. MTN Daily data plan, 100MB text 113 to 131.

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