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Today we will be looking at Jumia Seller Center Ghana. We will start by telling you that Jumia is one of the best online market websites that you can sell any kind of product. No matter where you may be or any time of the day we provide the best to our customers.

With Jumia you can be able to buy and sell your product any time of your choice. Before you can be able to sell or buy your product you should have had an account. That is the more reason our team has to create this page for millions of people out there that have been searching for how to create a Jumia account.

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Meanwhile, Jumia Seller Center Ghana is a place that businessmen from the country visit to sell there product without any problem. So if you have not signed up to your seller account, my dear you may be missing a lot. But do not worry you are on the right web where you can create your account without running to anybody for help.

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Before we show you how to create your account so that you can be able to sell your goods we will like to outline some of the benefits you stand to gain when you create your account with us.

Features Of Jumia Seller Center Ghana

As we said before there are so many things Jumia made for you when you have made up your mind to sign up an account. We will not like to waste your time let’s start right away.

Firstly, it is free to create so many accounts you want.

You are made to sell your product from any parts in Ghana with any problem.

We made it easy and simple for our customers.

No extra chances for you to sell your goods.

Our delivery is the best right now in Ghana and some other parts of Africa.

We are an online buying and selling loading website. So many other online markets do not have so many of our features. This is where we are going to stop on the features.

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To know more about the features all you have to do is to create your account right away. All you have to is to follow up our guidelines as we about to show you right below.

Sign Up Free Account –

To sign up to your Jumia seller center Ghana account is as easy and simple as A, B, C, D. Believe us after you mat has followed the guidelines we about to should you on this page you can be able to create so many accounts you want for Free without paying money to anybody.

Once you have made up your mind to create Jumia account all you have to do are as follows.

We will like you to know that there are four steps to create your account which are;

  1. Seller Account
  2. Business Information
  3. Payment Details
  4. Summary

Let’s start from seller account to create your account all you have to do are to visit the official Jumia registration home page

Jumia Seller Center Ghana

Once the page is open you are made to provide all your personal information needed on the page.  Make sure you give us the correct information.

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As you can see on the image above you are made to type in your first and last name on the first box.

On the second box, your Phone Number is needed as type it into the box. After that Alternate Phone Number
Preferred Jumia Shop Name, and Referred By.

  • email used by your referrer on Jumia
  • Email Address.
  • Retype Email Address.
  • Password * At least 8 characters containing a capital letter, a lower letter and a numeric character
  • Retype Password.

    When you are done providing that information. You have to accept the agreement of the company and the Privacy Policy by clicking on the tab.

After that click on the continue button to finish the sign-up. As we said before there are four steps to create your account.

If you find it difficult while creating your Jumia account you can as well make use of our comments box. Our team will help you as soon as we get your message.

We are here to give you our best without paying for it. All we will like you to do for us is to make use of those buttons right below to tell your friends about Jumia Seller Center Ghana.

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