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So many people out there have been searching for how to apply for Israel Visa or to find an application form. Our team has to create this page to assist you and so many others. We want you to know that you are on the right page.

Israel, a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean Sea, is regarded by Jews, Christians, and Muslims as the biblical Holy Land. Its most sacred sites are in Jerusalem. Within its Old City, the Temple Mount complex includes the Dome of the Rock shrine.

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Meanwhile, is the historic Western Wall, Al-Aqsa Mosque, and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Israel’s financial hub, Tel Aviv, is known for its Bauhaus architecture and beaches. Before, we show you links to apply without running to anyone for help.

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All The Required Documents

It is very important to know all the required documents before applying. Without wasting so much of your time let’s start right away.

You will need to collect a few documents as a part of your application for an entry visa to Israel.

The commonly required documents for a visa are the documents required from every visa applicant no matter the purpose of the trip. These documents are:

  • Visa application form. The form differs depending on the visa you are applying for. Make sure you download and complete the right one.
  • Two passport-size photographs. They must have a white background and be in size 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm.
  • Your valid passport. Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the intended duration of stay in the Israel territory and with at least one blank page to affix the visa.
  • Older passports. You must submit all passports that you hold, including current/old/cancelled/expired/special passport.
  • Flight Booking. You do not need to purchase the tickets as if your application is rejected, you will lose your money. You just need a saved seat on a flight to Israel as a proof of the date you intend to travel here.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Payment of the applicable fee for the visa type you are applying for.
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Aside from these documents, you will also need to submit additional ones, related to the purpose of your trip/the visa type you are applying for.

Make sure you submit every single required document according to the criteria set by the relevant Israeli authorities.

Apply For Israel Visa Now

You will need to pay a specific amount of money in order for the embassy to process your application for an Israeli visa.

The Israel Visa fees vary from €21 to €41, except for the Permanent Residence Visa, which will cost you €167.

To apply for a visa to Israel every visa applicant will need to pay a certain amount of money for the visa fee.

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The Israeli visa fee is required from the authorities in order to cover the expenses that come out of the processing of visa applications.

The visa costs are non-refundable in case the applicant decides to withdraw his or her application, or if the embassy rejects their visa application.

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