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Hotmail Login or Create Hotmail Account @ www.Hotmail.com

Hotmail Login or Create Hotmail Account:- Hotmail is a leading and first mail service that lets its users send and receive messages. The messenger helps millions of users connect all their email accounts, calendars, and files in one convenient spot.

Switch between your emails and calendar to schedule your next meeting or share your availability with just a few taps. Email a document from your Files list and attach it easily.

Microsoft Outlook provides seamless inbox management that enables you to work on the go. Outlook includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint integrations to help you manage and send files without hassle.

Customise email and calendar tools so you can stay on top of your busy day. Organize tasks, your inbox, schedules and more – everything you need is only a tap away.

Meanwhile, it has come to our knowledge that many mobile users find it very difficult to Create Hotmail Account or even to login accounts, so that is the major reason why we have deemed it necessary to composes these articles but before then here are the major features of Hotmail Account.

Outstanding Features of Hotmail Account

One Place – Email, Calendar, Contacts & Files

• Email, calendar, contacts, and files are all together in one place.
• Calendar and file access right from your inbox.
• Features to work on the go, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote integrations.
• Microsoft Office documents are accessible from Outlook, stored locally or on OneDrive.

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Organized – Email & Day Planner Management

• Outlook helps you stay on top of your day with the customized calendar and email tools.
• Email inbox management displays your most important messages first and enables swipe gestures and smart filters.
• Use as a day organizer & share calendars to easily coordinate schedules.
• Schedules of your favorite sports & TV shows through Bing calendars.

Intelligent – Calendar & Inbox Organizer

• Outlook tools anticipate your needs to help you stay focused.
• Email manager highlights actions for you through @mentions.
• Calendar automatically updates with travel, bill payment, and delivery information.
• Focused inbox keeps important emails and conversations front and center.
• Email organizer group same subject emails for easier tracking.

Secure – Safe Email Management & Spam Protection

• Microsoft Outlook protects your information with enterprise-grade security.
• Email management with built-in protection against viruses and spam.
• Outlook has advanced protection to keep your messages safe from phishing attacks and other online threats.
• Microsoft’s enterprise-grade security and privacy keeps your email, calendar, contacts, and files safe.

Now, that you have read and noted some of the unique features of a Hotmail Account, here are the steps and procedures on how to create a Hotmail Account or Hotmail Login Account on your own without necessarily meeting any one of the assistance.

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Steps to Hotmail Sign Up – Create a Hotmail Account

1. Logon to https://hotmail.live.com

2. Click on ” Create Free Account ” button.

3. Enter your New Email Address, e.g. mylifesbeeservice@hotmail.com

4. Add the password you would like to use with your account.

5. Fill in your personal details on the space provided below; which includes your first name and surname.

6. Select your Country/region and most importantly your date of birth.

7. Protecting your personal information by adding a number to your Hotmail.com account.

8. Answer the captcha at the bottom, which is the standard one to ensure you are not a robot.

9. Agree to the terms and conditions, you have now successfully signed up for a Hotmail.com account.

10. Once all this are done your account will be ready for use.

Meanwhile, now that you have Hotmail Sign Up Account on your own, believe me, that to Hotmail Login is also as simple as A, B, C all you have to do is to follow this lead down procedures to Login Hotmail Account at any point in time.

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Steps to Hotmail Login – Hotmail Sign In

1. Visit: https://hotmail.live.com

2. Click on ” HOTMAIL Login ” button.

3. Enter your Email address, Phone number or Skype.

4. Add your password on the space provided below.

5. Click on OK button to access account.

How to Download Hotmail Apk

Before you close your eyes and open it, you have completed your Hotmail Apk download and the steps goes like this

  • Log onto your phone application store.
  • Indicate on the app you wish to download, which is “Hotmail”
  • Tap on the App for more details
  • Navigate to locate and tap on Install
  • After download and installation, launch it to log in or sign up
  • Login Hotmail Account
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How to Recover Hotmail Password

1. Open account.live.com/acsr to use the account recovery form where you’ll provide the email address, phone number, or username for the account you are trying to recover.

2. Provide a different email address, other than the one you are trying to recover, which we can use to contact you about your request.

3. Enter the characters you see on the screen to prove you’re not a robot, then select Next.

4. A screen will pop up asking you to verify the contact email address. Check that email for a message from us with the security code, enter that code, then select Verify.

Note: If you have any problems receiving or providing the security code, see Microsoft account security info & security codes.

5. Fill in as much info as you can, even if you’re not sure. See Tips for filling out the recovery form below.

6. Select Submit when you’re finished, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

Therefore, feel free to make your comment and contribution if you find any difficulty while Hotmail Login or Sign Up and we shall get back to you immediately.

Meanwhile, you can also share page links on your social media accounts so that others can also know about it. Thanks.

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