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Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships – The University of Edinburgh was founded in year 1582; is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of Scotland’s ancient universities. The university is deeply embedded in the fabric of the city of Edinburgh; with many of the buildings in the historic Old Town belonging to the university.

The university played an important role in leading Edinburgh to; its reputation as a chief intellectual center; during the Age of Enlightenment; and helped give the city the nickname of the Athens of the North. University of Edinburgh is ranked 18th in the world by the QS World University Rankings.

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It is ranked as the 6th best university in Europe by the U.S. News’ Best Global Universities Ranking, and 7th best in Europe by the Times Higher Education Ranking. Without wasting so much of your time let’s us start with; the requirements needed for this year Scholarships.

An explanation of our entry requirements and how to interpret them.

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Our entry requirements are set to the academic standard we require and you should either;

  • have already achieved to be considered for an unconditional offer of a place of study; or
  • be capable of achieving, to be considered for a conditional offer of a place of study.

Typical offer range for Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Our typical entry requirements are normally expressed with an upper and lower grade level; for example AAAA to ABBB for Scottish Highers, or AAA to ABB for A Levels.

Applicants who have met, or are predicted to meet; the lower grade level from our typical offer range, are entered into the selection process.

However, competition for most of our programmes is high and applications generally exceed the number of places available. Therefore not all applicants who enter the selection process will be made an offer.

Applicants who are made an offer of a place, can usually expect to be required to achieve the upper grade level. This is because offers are normally made to the highest qualified applicants. Times where this may not be the case, and you may receive an offer at the lower grade level are;

  • if the number of applications to a programme is broadly similar to the number of offers we have available; or
  • if you are a non-EU international applicant* to a programme other than medicine.
  • if you are eligible for an offer at the access threshold;
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*There are no restrictions on the number of non-EU international students that the University can recruit.

Access threshold

We are committed to widening access to the University and recognise that not everyone has an equal opportunity to demonstrate their academic potential through their school or college qualifications alone.

Some applicants may be eligible to receive an offer at the access threshold based on their personal and educational circumstances.

To find out more and to check if you meet the criteria to receive this type of offer see our information on contextual admissions.

Contextual admissions.

A complete application For Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

It is also a requirement of the University that applicants submit a fully completed UCAS application including a personal statement, reference and predicted grades.

This information along with other factors are taken into consideration as part of the selection process in addition to qualifications. For more details please see our information on how we select applicants

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How we select applicants

Programme requirements For Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Although there is generally a typical offer range for each subject area, entry requirements are specific to, and can vary by, individual degree programme.

For many programmes we will expect you to have studied specific subjects and to have achieved specific grades.

Our degree finder provides the details of what is required for entry to our programmes from applicants studying Scottish Highers, A Levels and the International Baccalaureate. We advise that you take the time to read this information carefully.

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Contacts for queries about undergraduate admissions and applications. If you are unsure of which College to contact, check our degree finder for details. You will find the College listed on your chosen programme’s page.


To apply for Undergraduate study CLICK HERE.

We will be waiting for your application Form.

Good Luck as you apply for Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships.

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