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Barclays Ghana Mobile Banking – Barclays is one of the best banks right now in the world. If you have used internet banking before you will know that, it is more easily and fast to transfer and receive money from any part of the country. To use the code you do not need to connect to the internet before you can transfer and receive money.

Millions of our readies are searching for the code to start their Mobile Banking because there are a lot of benefits when you use the code. On this page, we are going to give you all the load down of all the Barclays Ghana Mobile Banking and the guidelines on how to go about it. That is the reason we decided to create this page to assist our users. Just dial *365# from your mobile phone.

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As we said before there are a lot of features or benefits of Barclays Ghana Mobile Banking so we advise our customers to always make use of Mobile Banking. Without wasting so much of your time, let’s outline some of the benefits why you should always make use of Mobile Banking.

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Let’s Start…

Features Of Barclays Ghana Mobile Banking

We are here to tell you that our users to do need to sign up to account before you can transfer and receive money any time of the day.

Below are the benefits of Mobile Banking.

1. It is FREE to use the code to transfer and receive money.

2. The amazing thing is that it saves time.

3. You do not need to stand and wait for hours in banking halls to transfer money or to check your account details.

4. It is easy and fast to use Mobile Banking services.

5. You can also still at anywhere of your choice and transfer money or to check your account details. etc.

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There are so many features of Mobile Banking services to know more about the benefits start using it as soon as possible.

How To Register For Barclays Mobile Banking

Before you can use the code NOTE that your mobile phone number must be registered with the Barclays Bank LTD. To start your registration follow our guidelines below.

Visit any of Barclays branch nearby with National Identity card or Driving license or Passport and Register your mobile number to start enjoying mobile banking service.

Once you are done with the registration Your mobile phone as you will be sent a Secure Code via SMS.

Dial *365#, follow the prompt and enjoy easy banking service anywhere and any time of the day.

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That is it once you follow the guideline we just provided you will be registered and you will start using mobile banking service.

How To Send Money Through Mobile Phone

To send Money, all you need is your Barclays debit card (ATM card) or a mobile phone (if you’re sending cash via Hello Money)

Go to an ATM or dial *895# and select the ‘CashSend’ option

Select ‘Purchase money voucher’

You will get a PIN for the recipient

To collect money, the recipient simply needs to go to a Barclays ATM with their PIN, select the ‘Cardless Transactions’ menu option and follow the on-screen prompts.

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