A Guideline on How to Write a Mail to Delete An Online Account

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A Guideline How To Write A Mail To Delete An Online Account

Old accounts are a major security risk. Not only do many old accounts have weaker passwords, but those sites may also have poor data protection policies.

Reduce your security risks by deleting old accounts. And navigate the process more easily using our service.

In today’s woke internet culture, if someone tells you to “delete your account”, it’s usually not because they’re concerned for your internet privacy.

Nevertheless, you may want to delete online accounts that you haven’t used in a while. Old accounts are susceptible to hackers, and any information you’ve left sitting around could leave you vulnerable to identity theft, financial loss, and additional account takeovers.

But as anyone who’s ever tried to delete an online account can attest to, it’s not always as simple as logging into the website and clicking “delete account” in the settings. Many sites now hide their account deletion methods within a labyrinth of web page links, while others won’t let you delete your account without imposing archaic rigamarole, like sending a support email.

This being the case, you may need to use send an account deletion email to the company requesting account deletion.

There are five (5) ways in which an account created online can be deleted, canceled, or removed. These five (5) ways are as follows:

1. By calling customer service/support on a mobile phone to delete your account.

2. Chatting the customer services/support to delete your online account.

3. Deleting your account through the official website of the company.

4. By composing and sending an email to the company requesting them to delete your online account.

5. None use of an online account for a relatively long period, after which the account may be permanently deleted. (This is true in some special types of accounts).

Meanwhile, in this article, therefore, we going to give you “a sample on How to Write a Mail to Delete An Online Account” which is the NO. 4 as listed above.

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Here is a Guideline on How to Write a Mail to Delete An Online Account

SUBJECT: Request To Delete My Account From Your Database

Dear (Company Name) Team,

I have an account in your database with the name ……………. and the email address that is linked to the account is ………………..
Meanwhile, for some reason, I have decided not to use the account again, therefore I request that you kindly delete my account from your database and also wipe all notifications if any.

Your Name.
Email Account.
Phone Number.

NOTE: The name, email address, and phone number that will be contained in the mail must be linked to the account you want to delete. This will be evidence that you are the real owner of the account.

Meanwhile, if your mobile number is not linked to the account, there will be no need for you to add any phone number.

See the sample below:

Account deletion process:

The deletion process normally consists of the following steps:

  • REQUEST: A user who wishes to delete their account/data may have to submit an account deletion request.
  • VALIDATION: Their support team member may have to cross-check your information with their internal database. If data matches, they will initiate the deletion process and notify you that the deletion has started.
  • DELETION: At this level, all the records of your account will be deleted.
  • FINAL NOTIFICATION: Now, once the deletion process has been deleted, they will notify you that your account has been successfully deleted.

NOTE ALSO On A Guideline on How to Write a Mail to Delete An Online Account

Some websites simply do not allow you to delete your account. At all. Many websites now sell user information or incorporate user information into their business practices.

What you may find is that instead of allowing you to delete an account, some services instead only let you delete your personal information on the site, while the account itself (including the username and password) are maintained in the system.

To note, this is legally allowed in the US. While all US businesses must offer at least two avenues to identify and delete account information—one of which must be a toll-free number—US businesses do not have to delete the account itself. Instead, businesses are allowed to de-identify and aggregate their personal information.

Some major companies and sites which do not allow account deletion include:

  • Barnes and Noble
  • Gawker Media websites (Lifehacker, Gizmodo, Kotaku, etc.)
  • Kik
  • Netflix
  • Steam
  • Wikipedia
  • YouTube 
  • WordPress
  • Starbucks
  • Playstation Network
  • Pinterest
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There’s more, of course. And many, many others do allow account deletion but make it incredibly difficult to delete your account by employing strict and notably annoying user retention methods

Why You Must Delete Your Old Online Accounts

If you have old online accounts, you’ve likely had your information stolen in a past data breach, at a minimum.

While nearly half of the US was impacted by the Equifax breach, many online users likely lost their name, email address, phone numbers, and even SSNs in smaller, lesser-reported data breaches over the years.

And for many people, that data loss is likely tied to older online accounts, many of which were long forgotten. 

A major concern with old accounts is also credential stuffing. This occurs when hackers use leaked data breaches to attempt to log in to other websites.

This process is fairly automated, and hackers will use username and password combinations across a number of sites to determine which ones work. 

Know More About Credential Stuffing

Credential stuffing is a type of cyberattack where stolen account credentials typically consist of lists of usernames and/or email addresses and the corresponding passwords are used to gain unauthorized access to user accounts through large-scale automated login requests directed against a web application.

Unlike credential cracking, credential stuffing attacks do not attempt to brute force or guess any passwords – the attacker simply automates the logins for a large number (thousands to millions) of previously discovered credential pairs using standard web automation tools like Selenium, cURL, PhantomJS, or tools designed specifically for these types of attacks such as: Sentry MBA, SNIPR, STORM, Blackbullet, and Openbullet.

Credential stuffing attacks are possible because many users reuse the same username/password combination across multiple sites, with one survey reporting that 81% of users have reused a password across two or more sites and 25% of users use the same password across a majority of their accounts.

Account Login | Account Sign In {How To Recover My Online Account}

Generally, account recovery is always free of charge, unless on special occasions.

Account recovery is a process designed to get your account back. It does not really matter whether you have forgotten your password or lost hold of all your account information.

So provided you are on the right login platform, your account recovery process will be simple and successful.

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To sign in to any of your online accounts, you can follow these steps

NOTE: You can sign in to your online account using the login button provided on their official website

In every online portal, there is usually a Sign In/Login Link that is specially made for you to use and log into your online account.

And where you have any problem on how to login to your online account, or something is not working properly, you should try as much as you can to check the following:

  • Whether your username or email is correctly written.
  • If your passwords are correctly typed.
  • Whether your IP Address is restricted (this is true in some special types of account).

Meanwhile, there are some online accounts that you can not access from within their portal unless you install their official app.

So you will be required to log into your account via their official mobile app. This official mobile app can be downloaded from google play store or apple store as the case me be.

So once you download the app on your mobile phone or mac computer, you can access your online account from within their app platform.

I cannot log into my online account

To get signed in to your online account you can use a PC, smartphone, or tablet that has an Internet connection. You can also download and install the app on your mobile, tablet, mac, or any other type of PC.

Remedies on how to recover or reset your account if you have forgotten your login details.

It could be that you have forgotten your password or that another person has had access to your account and as such have changed your password.

If the above is the case, you don’t need to worry because we are going to guide you on how to recover and reset your account.

Therefore simply use the button “Forgot Password” on the login page to reset your password.

After that, you will receive a message to your e-mail address with new account details.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have an account, please create a new one by clicking the “Sign Up” button to create a new account.

You can also make use of our comments box right below if you face any problem while you want to get to know A Guideline on How to Write a Mail to Delete An Online Account.

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