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Once you have or downloaded Paylater Mobile App on your device you can get a loan without collateral. So many people out there have been asking questions about this latest app in town. Some are asking is for real that someone can download this App and get a quick loan in 5 minutes.

The answer is YES, once your mind is made up to get Instant loan. Paylater Mobile App is built to help millions of young and old out there without too much stress. For you to start receiving the money you must download the App. On this page, we are going to show you all the proceded to go about applying for Instant loans without collateral.

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Before that, we will talk a litter bet of Paylate App, what is all about? Is a digital finances platform that gives instant loans to millions of people. This App has been in the market for so long, much means it has been tested and trusted. The good thing about Pay later Mobile App is that is not like banks that you must provide so many things including collateral before you can get a loan.

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Steps To Download Paylater Mobile App On Your Device

For you to download the App all you have to do is to follow all the procedures that we about to provide on this page right now. You are made to understand that it is very easy for you to download the application without any problem. And is like other applications that anyone can visit Google Play Store to download.

The first stage to go about downloading Paylater App is to visit Google Pary Store.

Once you are on the page search for what you are searching for, once you find it;

What next to do is to CLICK on the DOWNLOAD BUTTON to start downloading.

After that install the application on your device. It is available on iSO, Blackberry, Android and so many others.

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Now, that you have seen how to download the application. The next thing is to show or guide you on how to register and apply for a loan.

 Paylater Registration Guide And Apply For Instant Loans

You are made to have a smartphone that has an internet connection. To enable you to visit their website @

Our best advice for those that want to get this loan is to download the App so that it will be more easy and simple for them.

Once you are on the page, you are made to provide some of your personal data which includes the followings.

Your BVN, Account number, account name, Bank Name, home address, occupation, etc.

When you are done with those things the next thing is to enter your debit card details. So that once there is money in your account there will debit you once it time to pay back. CLICK on Submit.

Yes, once you are done with the registration what next?

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What you will do next is to CLICK on “Apply Loan” button to enable you to apply for Instant Loans. My dear believe it or not once the loan is successfully approved.

You are made to get your money through the bank account you provided during the registration. When applying make sure you provide the correct account number and the name you are using.

NOTE: You can not apply more than 10, 000 NAIRA for the first time you are applying. The more you apply for the more loan the more the money you apply the increase.

And do not forget that you are made to pay back in 30 days, with an interest rate of 1% per day simply.

More Information About Paylater Mobile App

Pay later is a service provided by One Finance and Investments Limited (RC No: 1044655), a licensed Finance company. You can get more information and feedback at those links right below.

PHONE: 01-460 9945 & 01-631 1215



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