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Online Business Degree Programs Accredited:- For students and working professionals interested in enhancing their business acumen through flexible coursework, an online bachelor’s in business administration can expand job opportunities and increase pay.

Alongside practical business courses like accounting and management, students delve into best practices used by successful business professionals.

The following guide reviews common coursework for online business degrees, what students should expect, and popular careers for new graduates with a business degree. An online business degree offers a practical path towards various careers.

What Can I Expect From an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program?

Students interested in an online bachelor’s in business administration typically have strong analytical skills and thrive when taking courses that involve math.

Online learners complete 120 credits of general education and business classes before graduation. Of those 120 credits, business-related coursework often takes up 40-60 credits.

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Core business classes often include principles of management, organizational behavior, and business ethics.

Degree-seekers also generally complete courses in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and accounting.

Many learners supplement their business coursework with a concentration in management, commerce, or finance.

Some online business administration degrees also offer students the ability to choose between a bachelor of science and a bachelor of arts.

This distinction allows learners to tailor their degrees to academic and career goals.

BA students supplement business classes with courses like sociology and history, while BS students focus primarily on additional business electives.

What Courses Will I Take in an Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration Program?

Whether you pursue a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts in business administration, core classes usually cover topics like accounting, marketing, and economics.

Financial Accounting

Learners in this course study the rules and regulations related to preparing financial information for internal and external sources in order to evaluate an organization’s financial health.

Students learn to interpret and communicate financial accounting information and to understand the overall system of accounting.

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Principles of Marketing

Students examine the fundamental concepts of marketing, which include an organization’s functions for creating, communicating, and delivering value to its customers.

Designed to meet organizational goals and customer needs, these functions include distribution, environmental monitoring, marketing research, target market selection, product selection, promotion, and pricing.

Principles of Management

A writing-intensive course, students in this class examine the principles and fundamentals of management in order to understand formal organizational management.

Topics include theories of planning and decision-making in an organizational context, as well as the unique challenges of international management.

Managing Organizational Change

Students learn methods of effective human resources management during periods of organizational change.

The course emphasizes change management as it contributes to a company’s survival, growth, increased productivity, and conflict management.

Students closely consider a change in complex, volatile, and international environments.

Global Financial System

This course exposes students to the global financial architecture, including the operational practices of global financial markets and multinational financial institutions.

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Course content focuses on international banking and international capital markets. Students also explore the international financial environment and its functions, operations, and products.

What Can I Do With an Online Bachelors in Business Administration Degree?

An online bachelor’s in business administration degree can lead to job opportunities in public, private, and nonprofit settings. This degree can also lead to a master’s in business administration.

An online bachelor’s in business administration applies to many growing fields. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that job opportunities will likely grow at significant rates for marketing managers (6%), human resources specialists (7%), and financial analysts (5%) between 2019 and 2029.

Budget Analyst

Financial Analysts

Tax Examiner

Human Resources Specialist

Market Research Analyst

How long does it take to get an online business degree?

An online bachelor’s in business administration usually takes four years to complete for full-time students.

Students transferring general education credits from community colleges or four-year institutions often finish required business classes in about two years.

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