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BBwcupid Delete Profile – So many people are creating BBwcupid account and others are searching for a way to cancel their account. It is our duty to guide or show you how to go about on BBwcupid cancel membership. We will not like you to unsubscribe your account but you have made your decision. 

You are made to understand that BBwcupid has helped over 30 million people look for love across the world, covering North and South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East. We specialized in online dating, is a platform where you will meet your soulmate from any part of the globe.

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We have received a lot of required on how to delete Bgcupid account without meeting anybody for assistance. That is the more reason we decided to create this page to assist you on BBwcupid Delete Profile. For you to unsubscribe your account it will not take more than two minutes of your time while deleting.

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Once you have made up your mind on bbwcupid close account know that you are going to lose your friends contents. You will no longer chart with them anymore. My dear you are going to miss so many other things; so we will like you to think about before using the delete button.

How To Go About BBwcupid Delete Profile

The reason a user we want to his or her to Cancel its membership account is better known by the user. We have two ways of how a user can easily Cancel his account which includes:

Through Website OR deleting through Sending Email. We are here to show you A-Z guide on the bbwcupid close account. Without wasting so much of your time.

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Let’s Start…

Unsubscribe or Delete Your Account Using Website

Firstly, what you will do is to Log on to BBwcupid account.

Provide your email address and the Password that you used during your registration.

Once you account you open Click on the gear icon and select Profile settings.

Go down or Scroll down to find Switch off profile and use the Click on the button you will see it at the right under.

After that tell the offices why you’re Cancel your account and choose Submit.

Then type in your password 2 times and Switch off membership.

Once you are done with that a message will send to your device, telling you that your account has been deleted.

That is a way to use while you are on bbwcupid cancel membership it will not take you two minutes of your time as we said before.

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Delete Your Account By Sending Email

To Cancel your account using email is more easy and fast, so let’s show you how to go about bbwcupid delete profile through sending an email.

Steps on a bbwcupid close account.

1. Open new email account or you can as well use your old email account.

2. On the email account come up with a write-up.

3, Type in the following email address

4. On Subject enter the line “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”.

5. After that write a mail to delete your account and CLICK on delete Button.

NOTE: For those that don’t know using email will take you up to 24 to 72 hours. Once you are using Email check your mailbox during this time to know when it is deleted.

If you find it difficult while deleting your account make use of our comment box.

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